Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – Reporting (By David Duncan & Christopher Liley)

I just added one more treasure on my kit, in the form of a new book called Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – Reporting, written by David Duncan (I.B.I.S.) and Christopher Liley (I.B.I.S.), published by Packt Publishing.

I have started reading this book from today and hopefully in a week, I will be able to grab hold of the vast set of chapters.

To give you an overview of what is there inside this book: The book covers everything “reporting” in GP. From Report Writer reports to Smartlist to Excel Reports to SSRS to Analysis Cubes to Management Reporter. Every single thing about GP Reporting.

However, the book does not talk about two things:

1. Crystal Reports and the way you can access crystal reports from GP quite understandably because Crystal Reports is NOT supported out of the box by Dynamics GP. It can be used with the help some 3rd Party solutions, such as GP Report Viewer (from Flexible Solutions) or even a simple code piece written by any Consultant who knows GP, Crystal Reporting and .NET coding.

2. FRx, as this is already been replaced by Management Reporter. There is of course a section in this book where the difference between FRx and Management Reporter is explained.

I shall be writing a review of this book in a week’s time (hopefully). Just could not wait to tell you all that this book really going to be a great treasure for those who wants to understand how effectively GP data can be visualized and analyzed.

Until next post.



Failed To Create Object – OLE Error due to Adobe Reader X

Something seems to be amiss with Adobe Reader X and Dynamics GP. Yesterday we upgraded Adobe Reader to version X on our Terminal Server, where our Dynamics GP application resides.

Till then, users were able to attach PDF files to GP records using OLE Object Container. But post upgrade, all users are facing the following error message whenever they try to attach a PDF file or view an existing PDF attachment:

Looks like I am not the only one to face this issue. There is a community forum post which raises the same question. Link to that post: Errors when opening or creating PDF OLE Attachments in Dynamics GP notes.
Not sure how to resolve this at the moment, other than retaining older version of Adobe Reader.

Issues with GP 2010 SP1 DYNAMICS.DIC – David Musgrave

David informs us about a very strange but critical issue that’s been faced by developers when using GP 2010 SP1 DYNAMICS.DIC dictionary.

This is really critical to be informed about, so all Dex Developers please make sure that you read this post from David, as it also mentions some workaround till a proper fix is released.

Read it here: Unknown identifier ‘DYNAMICS’ or other Constant with GP 2010 SP1.


Send To Email – Issue Explained by Janakiram MP

This issue is being currently faced by users in my company as well. And I got the same response from MSFT.

Janakiram MP explains us why “Send To Email” feature is not working with Outlook 2010. Our environment is as follows:

1. Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit.
2. Office 2010 64 Bit.
3. Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 SP1.

Anyone facing this issue with above configuration may just want to confirm that it’s not possible at all with 64 Bit Office 2010.


Victoria Yudin’s Book – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation – My Humble Views

To Victoria:

1. Congrats Victoria for coming up with such a treasure. It’s your sheer excellence written all over this book.
2. Thanks so much for sharing your abundant experience in GP.
3. All the best for a great year 2011; for this book to be fast selling one among Dynamics GP books, for this book to be on all Consultants’ hands and for much more books from you to us.

What’s special about this Book?

This book stands out from other “How to implement … blah blah” books on several factors:

1. Content – It does not dive into each and every trivial step involved in a TYPICAL implementation. Instead, it takes you thru’ some of the unimagined concepts including; GP Application Structure, SQL Server interaction with GP Application, GP Application Technologies, et al.

Very importantly; Recommendations on how to form your Implementation Team (Customers & Implementors), Planning Infrastructure for GP Environment, Studying Business Requirements practically, et al.

2. Structuring of Content – What’s the use of a book having a great content, but lack in the flow of it? This book teaches many out there on how to structure your thoughts on a book.

This book practically walks us thru’ a GP Implementation. It starts with telling us What’s GP 2010 Application is all about and ends with Training & Add-On Tools for GP 2010; without forgetting to take us thru’ Integration Manager for Initial GP Data Integration. NOPE, it does not teach us how to use Integration Manager to the detail of each and every Field Mapping involved. But it gives you ample knowledge in what you must expect with respect to Basic & Necessary Data Integration in GP2010.

By the time you finish reading Appendices, you would feel like you have personally implemented GP on a Customer’s site. No exaggeration when I meant it, absolutely.

3. Victoria’s Experience – I bought this book for just one single reason: Victoria’s Experience. It’s just not mere luck or coincidence of her grabbing hold of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for a record 7th Straight year.

It takes immense efforts to write a book, which must make sense to appropriate audience. It takes time, energy, thoughts, efforts and almost everything that you possess. This in addition to what you MUST do as part of your day to day job. And pulling off such a book, is great. Simply great.

4. Audience of this Book – This book is intended to anyone (I insist, ANYONE) who wants to sincerely implement Dynamics GP 2010. All we have to possess is some SQL Server knowledge to understand the Application Interaction and some Accounting Basics. Even if you are a newbie to Dynamics GP 2010, you can proudly announce the world that you have learned GP 2010 Implementation, after sincerely reading this book.

If I am an experienced Consultant / Implementor, and I feel like Ahh come on, why do I need a book? I have already done more than 10 realtime implementations, then trust me, I do have something in this book to learn. And I won’t complain after (reading it).

Where to get this Book?

Get yourself this book from Packt Publications, link: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation – By Victoria Yudin.


Most importantly, remember to thank Victoria for sharing her experience and expertise with us. This book surely is a treasure for all of us.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2

It was SQL Server 2008 R2, then Windows Server 2008 R2 and now comes Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2. Yeah you heard me alright.

Awesome news it is. More details on here: Microsoft announces Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

GP’s official MSFT Blog gives us the glimpse of what we can expect from this release. Sure enough, this going to be another excellent release.


Victoria Yudin’s Book – Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 Implementation

So we have a book on GP overall functionality Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook, by Mark Polino. Now we have another one, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation, by Victoria Yudin.

Read more on Victoria’s post: Dynamics GP 2010 implementation book coming soon.

For those who want to preorder this book, you can reach Packt Publications’ exact page here: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation.


GL With AA – IM2010 Integration – aagCreateGLWorkDist Error Message

This issue is quite frustrating. The issue happens with Integration Manager v2010 for GL Transaction With Analytical Accounting adapter.

I had to integrate a GL Entry with AA Apportionment information. I configured everything as it’s required. When I ran the integration, it thrown the below error message:

I had faced this error while doing my first such integration and to solve this error I used to setup the Destination Mapping for GL Transaction as follows:

Highlighted above are the settings that we require to do.

There was a Community Post which reported the same error. You can read that post from here: IM11 hit aagCreateGLWorkDist error.

Before I did this integration, I read the post and even replied saying the Destination Setup “Ledger ID” assignment would solve this issue. BUT, on a contrary, it does not solve this error at all.

I even went to the extent of modifying this Stored Procedure aaCreateGLWorkDist (AA Developers must spare me on this, as it was just to understand the root cause of this issue). I made sure that a NULL value was passed on to @LedgerID parameter. Even if you change the code inside this procedure to use ISNULL() and replace it with relevant integer value (for a trial), it still do not work that way.

So that means, either I am still missing something on IM Destination Mapping OR this is a bug in that Stored Procedure or whichever is calling this SP.

I would like to know from people who are/were using this IM Adapter for GL with AA transactions integration.

UPDATE: This issue has been taken up by Microsoft Dev Team and a fix will be made available soon. For more information on this, please read David Musgrave’s post here: Procedure or function ‘aagCreateGLWorkDist’ expects parameter ‘@LedgerID’, which was not supplied.


GP2010 – Sales Charts & KPIs – Top Items By Sale Amount – Stored Procedure Bug

I stumbled across a bug (of sorts) in GP2010 SSRS Charts & KPIs for Sales Module.

GP2010 has got default Charts & KPIs designed in SSRS and we have quite hands full of Charts & KPIs which covers most of our basic requirements. One module which is very good in terms of coverage is Sales. Under Sales, we have a Chart & KPI called Top Items By Sale Amount.

When I ran this report to view the results, I got the following error message:

The error message mentions that there is an extra bit of string data that’s getting forcefully truncated due to size restrictions. This clearly indicates a SQL Error Message. I ran the SQL Profiler furthering the probe. And the issue was rounded in to a Stored Procedure which is run to extract the needed data for this Chart & KPI, which is seeSOPTopTenSalesItemsByPriceMetric.

In that stored procedure, a temporary table is created with a column named ItemNumber which is of size char(18). We all (Consultants/Developers) know that, in GP, size of a Item Number is 31 in SQL.

So, this SSRS Chart & KPI will fail if any Item Number exceeds the size 18 in variably, which is a bug in this Stored Procedure.

FIX: I ALTERed this stored procedure to resize this particular temporary ItemNumber column to char(31) and report retrieved the details excellently.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Service Pack 1 – Available Now

This one’s very much awaited. And it’s out there for us to download.

More details on David’s Blog: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Service Pack 1.

NOTE: Those who are on GP10 SP5 and not able to upgrade to GP2010, can now do that with GP2010 SP1.

Go ahead and upgrade GP with GP2010.