#MSDYNGP Extender View Involving Extender Window/Form – Strange “Add Link” Issue & Reason.

Firstly, I am not sure whether I should categorise this as an issue. Let me explain this with an example.

For illustrative purpose, my requirement is to assign an additional information to customers. In addition to Country Code, I would like to assign from which continent a customer is from.

First step; to create an Extender Form named Continent Maintenance in which I will maintain list of continents. I do not need anything information other than an ID (Continent ID) and a name (Name); as shown below:


Note that there are no fields apart from ID and Description.

Second step; I am going to create an Extender Window for Customer Maintenance (Cards -> Sales -> Customer -> Additional -> Continent) to assign a continent to a customer. Extender Window definition is as follows:


Third step; is to check whether things are properly done and confirm. Let me open Customer Maintenance and see if I can access this new Extender information:


Perfect. Let’s now get into the actual issue.

I would like to create a view to retrieve customer continent information. To achieve this, I would like to link Assign Continent (Extender Window) with Continent Maintenance (Extender Form) to get the continent name. Ideally, my view should retrieve following:

Customer ID, Continent ID, Continent Name

Now, when I try to create an Extender View linking my Extender Window and Form, I end up facing below issue:



Did you see that? I do not have my Extender Form fields shown here. I have two fields; Continent ID and Name. Where are they? Why are they not shown here? Shouldn’t it be available for me to link with my Extender Window’s Continent ID?

REASON: If your Extender Form DOES NOT have any other field than an ID and a Description (in my case, Continent ID and Name), ADD LINK To Field will not list out the ID and Description fields.

Is that the actual reason? Let’s confirm by adding another field to Extender Form as follows:


After adding above field, Additional Info., look at my Extender View Add Link now:


Did you see that? They are available now. AFTER adding a field in addition to default ID and Description fields.

And I am not sure how many have ever noticed this. I am noticing it for the first time now. I haven’t created any form with only ID and Description till now. I had to spend 4 hours to identify this reason, honestly. Had no idea whatsoever.

Those who are going to deal with Extender views with form(s) having ONLY ID and Description fields, save your 4 hours. 🙂



Where is my Extender Detail Window in Extender 2013?

With Extender 2013, we have whole lot of surprises on how it got enhanced. One biggest enhancement/change to Extender is the way it treats Extender Detail Window (that is the name till previous version).

Previous version’s Detail Window definition looked as follows:



Not any more… There is no such option called Detail Window. From now on, every window is called, well simply, a Window.

So where is the option to setup whether it’s a multiple row entry (grid) or not? Here it is:


Just select option “Display scrolling grid” and you are good to go.

Clearly, eOne developers have done an immense cleanup work on Extender’s design. Overall, classification of Extender resources itself is now shrunken as follows:

Snip20130321_5   Snip20130321_6

Interesting changes; I have not gone thru’ all changes/enhancements yet. I will be posting more on all those interesting and critical changes.

So far, thumbs up to eOne Team, for their efforts.


Extender 2013 Has Arrived – Thanks eOne

Awesome news to me this afternoon…

eOne Solutions has released Extender 2013 for Dynamics GP 2013 today (late yesterday for some regions). Read their official blog post here: Extender Delivered.

Instructions on how to get the new version and license keys can be obtained from either your Partner or eOne directly. Shoot an email to them and they would be more than happy to guide you.

Let me continue with my customisations’ upgrade. Hectic times ahead.


Extender For GP 2013 – Release Update

eOne Solutions has got an update on release dates of their products for Dynamics GP 2013, including Extender Standard and Enterprise.

Since I am one among those who wait for Extender Standard for GP 2013, the release date has been planned before March 8th, 2013.

Highly important post; read it and plan your schedule of implementation (upgrade/fresh) accordingly.


Extender Transition Update – From eOne Solutions

eOne Solutions has posted an update on Extender Transition process on their blog. It’s very important for both partners and customers to read it and get an idea about what’s been going on and what to expect in future.

I would like to highlight the points about Pricing Changes, which are highly critical to any customer. Read the post and get informed.


Extender for GP 2013 – Release Postponed

This is, to some extent, bad news for me at least. I was planning for an early upgrade to GP 2013 for my GP production environment. As 40% of my customisation depend on Extender, it feels so bad that I cannot get Extender for GP 2013 till Early to Mid February 2013. This news has been confirmed by eOne Solutions on their official blog.

Original post here: Delivery Date.

I am disappointed to say the least. But considering the issues that eOne developers are going thru’, especially due to a very late announcement from Microsoft to detach Extender from their OEM arrangements, I empathise with them on their most gruelling time to get things streamlined and meet customers’ expectations.

I shall await their official announcement on Extender’s availability for GP 2013.


Extender Customers Opt-In Process

Much has been written, discussed and thought about Microsoft’s strategy on moving Extender licensing and support to it’s original developer, eOne Solutions, from GP 2013.

It was first highlighted by Victoria Yudin on her blog; Big announcement for Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Extender module. It was soon followed by several posts from all GP community. Having said and done all, eOne has clarified an important thing to all customers and partners.

If you wish to Opt-In (explanation of what it is all about is there on the post), please read this post from eOne Solutions: Opt-In eXtender Customers. This is a very important post for all those use Extender and time to get it done if you are planning your GP 2013 upgrade in near future.


SmartConnect 2010 Hotfix – Crucial

There is a SmartConnect 2010 Hotfix available now, which is crucial for 64 Bit Installations specifically.

More details here: SmartConnect 2010 Hotfix.