Error when switching back to Microsoft Dynamics GP from Modifier – Fixed in SP3

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SP3, MSFT GP development team has fixed one of the nagging bugs which got introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

The following posts would explain what exactly that issue is:

Error When Switching Back To Microsoft Dynamics GP From Report Writer (Ian Grieve)

Unhandled script exception: Illegal address for field ‘[Not Found]’ in script ‘Unregister_Triggers’ (Mariano Gomez)

Rest assured that this bug is now fixed with the release of Gp 2010 SP3.



Report Writer Series – Custom Reports (Kuntz Consulting Inc.)

I had earlier posted about this ongoing series; not long back. To know what it is exactly, read it here: Report Writer Series.

The new post on this series discusses about how to create custom report writer reports.


Report Writer Series – Kuntz Consulting

Report Writer has been considered by most of the clients as static and bland reporting tool, due to it’s look & feel and it’s rigidity in terms of modifying the reports.

But, Report Writer is an amazing reporting tool, if only people know how it’s structured technically and how to bend it for our requirements. I am not certainly talking about customers. It’s the consultants’ responsibility to convince customers by demonstrating the power of Report Writer.

Over at Kuntz Consulting blog, series of posts are to be read to understand Report Writer as a tool and how to use it for our betterment. Following are the posts that are already been posted:

  1. Report Writer Demystified – Part 1 – Dictionaries & Launch Files
  2. Report Writer Demystified – Part 2 – Other Considerations
  3. Report Writer Series – Formatting Text
  4. Report Writer Series – Don’t Settle for Ugly Reports – Part 1
  5. Report Writer Series – Don’t Settle for Ugly Reports – Part 2
  6. Report Writer Series – Toolbox Tips
  7. Report Writer Series – Drawing Options Tips
  8. Report Writer Series – Sections

And it’s only going to get more on this series.

Worth reading for all those who would want to know about this silent performer, that is Report Writer.


Adding more comment lines to POP Purchase Order – Mariano

Mariano’s latest post explains how to add more comment lines to POP Purchase Order report. The idea is to split the comment text into 80 characters sized fields and then displaying it on separate report sections. I leave you here so you could refer to this awesome piece of post from Mariano. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

David, way back in 2011, demonstrated a similar approach on his post about adding more comment lines on SOP Documents. It’s worth to remind that post now.


Extender Fields & Report Writer – Weekly Dynamic from Mark

Those who want to know how to add/use Extender Fields on a Report Writer report, Mark’s Weekly Dynamic post, Extender and Report Writer walks us thru’ simple steps with a real time scenario.

There are also links to relevant KB articles which will form the base for your task.


RW_DateToString – David

The first thing a Dex Developer would do once he/she learns Dex programming is to start becoming curious and write their own functions / procedures to meet the requirements.

I am certainly not against it and I myself started off my programming career like that. But we must also understand that when we have in-built functions that can do what we want, we don’t have to lose our time in recreating the same logic.

RW_DateToString function would certainly save us lot of time. And it does have almost all much used formats to display a Date on the report.

David details this function in his article: Display Dates in Any Format On Report.


Currency Values Returned By VBA To A Report – David

Such a weird issue, but since it’s said to be known, we can’t do much about it. But David gives us an alternate option to tackle this.

Read it here: Currency values returned by VBA to a report are multiplied by 10 or 100.

Must read for Developers.


Displaying 3rd Party Series’ Reports in Report Template Maintenance – Patrick

Boy, I never thought this “3rd Party” series would have such an impact (be it simple or silly or critical).

Patrick explains us one such very important but simple issue: Using 3rd Party Series Reports in the Report Template Maintenance Lookup Window

I have to now check all my customizations’ resources which are created under this 3rd Party series.

And when I reassign the series for those resources, I am not certainly going to place it in PROJECT series. As Patrick quips in his post in one place, if you read it completely.


RW_ConvertToWordsAndNumbersParse – In GP2010

This is a very good RW function which is available from GP 2010. More information in David’s Blog: Announcing Report Writer Function RW_ConvertToWordsAndNumbersParse.

This means, an amount of any length can be converted to Words and displayed on a RW report. And this also supports MC. That’s another great news.


RW Function: RW_GetCommentText

This Report Writer function is another Standard GP Function, which works very similar to function RW_GetNoteText ().

This function is available to retrieve the Comment Text associated with a Comment ID. This particular function is very helpful when we use Comments extensively and create relevant reports with Comments.

The prototype of this Function is:

Function: RW_GetCommentText
Parameter 1: Comment ID (String)
Parameter 2: Number of Characters per Line (Integer)
Parameter 3: Line Number to Return (Integer)
Yes, what you are seeing above is exactly a replica of RW_GetNoteText() function’s prototype and each Parameter’s explanation is exactly the same.
The only difference is that we pass Comment ID, instead of Note ID, and retrieve the Comment Text. And of course, the underlying table is also different.
If someone out there wondering whether to write a function of his/her own to retrieve Comment Text, refer to this article and breath easy. We have a function already.