Congrats MVPs – Mark & Siva

Congratulations to these tremendously talented and amazing individuals, Mark Polino and Sivakumar Venkataraman, to get their MVP status renewed. Most deserved ones.

Congrats again to you both and wish you many more MVP renewals in future. Do doubt about that.



Congratulating MVPs

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate MVPs from our community:

1. Mariano Gomez (GP) – 4th consecutive year
2. Jivtesh Singh (GP) – Debut MVP
3. Dave Berry (CRM) – 2nd consecutive year

And all those who got awarded this time for their tremendous achievements and contributions.

I wish all many more success and accolades to come thru’.


"Congrats" Extended to All MVPs

Extending my sincere wishes to all MVPs. Check out Leslie’s article to know about people who got their MVP awarded and also with a brief comment.

I am sure this is inspirational to everyone out there and get our best out and share it with our Community.


Congrats Mariano – For a Successful Hat Trick in MVP

Let’s all join to Congratulate Mariano of becoming MVP for the 3rd time in a row. That’s a Successful Hat Trick…!!!

And of course, we expect more from you…!!!