Dynamics GP On-Demand Learning: Word Template Tips

Excellent post on Dynamics GP Support & Services blog that walks us through GP Word Templates.

This was the last post in the series named Microsoft Dynamics GP On Demand Learning Series.

Sincere thanks to GP Support Team, for posting these articles. Highly informative.


Canada is Phasing Out Penny – How it affect GP Transactions?

Canada is so bold in phasing out Penny from its coinage. It is a very bold move. But how does it affect Microsoft Dynamics GP? How customers could adapt to this new situation?

Microsoft Dynamics GP Support team has answers to it. Read their post on their blog: Phasing out Penny in Canada.

Very informative and important post.



Possibility of Changing Account Format of COA

Over at Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog, Andrea Melroe describes on possibility of changing the account format of COA, rules involved, limitations and more important factors.

Excellent post and I am sure many GP customers and partners can learn a thing or two from this all important post.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Support And Services Blog

I am not going to introduce this blog, because that part is taken care by the first post in this new blog from Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Support And Services Blog, is from Microsoft Support Team catering various support and services topics of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Start following this blog for more critical information. Stay tuned.