Report Writer Series – Custom Reports (Kuntz Consulting Inc.)

I had earlier posted about this ongoing series; not long back. To know what it is exactly, read it here: Report Writer Series.

The new post on this series discusses about how to create custom report writer reports.


Adding more comment lines to POP Purchase Order – Mariano

Mariano’s latest post explains how to add more comment lines to POP Purchase Order report. The idea is to split the comment text into 80 characters sized fields and then displaying it on separate report sections. I leave you here so you could refer to this awesome piece of post from Mariano. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

David, way back in 2011, demonstrated a similar approach on his post about adding more comment lines on SOP Documents. It’s worth to remind that post now.



RW_ConvertToWordsAndNumbersParse – In GP2010

This is a very good RW function which is available from GP 2010. More information in David’s Blog: Announcing Report Writer Function RW_ConvertToWordsAndNumbersParse.

This means, an amount of any length can be converted to Words and displayed on a RW report. And this also supports MC. That’s another great news.