Integration Manager – Troubleshooting & Testing Tips: Dynamics GP Support & Services Blog

Highly informative post on Dynamics GP Support & Services blog on Common Tips and Issues when Troubleshooting and Testing Integrations in Integration Manager.

I have never read such an expansive post on Integration Manager (IM) ever. Mariano touches specific issues, David (and his technical team) on his blog shares specific topics. But this one’s so very expansive and one stop guide to IM issues and tips.

Bookmark this for your future reference.



GL With AA – IM2010 Integration – aagCreateGLWorkDist Error Message

This issue is quite frustrating. The issue happens with Integration Manager v2010 for GL Transaction With Analytical Accounting adapter.

I had to integrate a GL Entry with AA Apportionment information. I configured everything as it’s required. When I ran the integration, it thrown the below error message:

I had faced this error while doing my first such integration and to solve this error I used to setup the Destination Mapping for GL Transaction as follows:

Highlighted above are the settings that we require to do.

There was a Community Post which reported the same error. You can read that post from here: IM11 hit aagCreateGLWorkDist error.

Before I did this integration, I read the post and even replied saying the Destination Setup “Ledger ID” assignment would solve this issue. BUT, on a contrary, it does not solve this error at all.

I even went to the extent of modifying this Stored Procedure aaCreateGLWorkDist (AA Developers must spare me on this, as it was just to understand the root cause of this issue). I made sure that a NULL value was passed on to @LedgerID parameter. Even if you change the code inside this procedure to use ISNULL() and replace it with relevant integer value (for a trial), it still do not work that way.

So that means, either I am still missing something on IM Destination Mapping OR this is a bug in that Stored Procedure or whichever is calling this SP.

I would like to know from people who are/were using this IM Adapter for GL with AA transactions integration.

UPDATE: This issue has been taken up by Microsoft Dev Team and a fix will be made available soon. For more information on this, please read David Musgrave’s post here: Procedure or function ‘aagCreateGLWorkDist’ expects parameter ‘@LedgerID’, which was not supplied.


"Save As Integration" – Missing IM Option & Reason

Let me also pitch in and tell the world that this article, From the Newsgroups: What happened to Integration Manager “Save As” function?, from Mariano highlights what most people do not know about.

I was also one who wondered why it is not available, which I felt is a better option.

Read it and make sure that you learn the new way of doing copying an Existing Integration.

Thanks Mariano.


IM Error – Argument ‘Index’ is not a valid value.

I have been working on a Go-Live and been really hectic for the past 2 weeks.

Data Uploads, as usual, and suddenly this error was taking my entire energy. I thought I would blog this one issue which has got no mentioning in any of the forum(s) or KB as well.

I mapped and started integrating Sales Order transactions thru’ Integration Manager (IM). As soon as I started the integration, it threw the following error message:

Argument ‘Index’ is not a valid value.

No clue, absolutely. I searched this error message and got very VB.NET and C#.NET related posts. No idea whatsoever.

Verified my mappings, twice thrice, and everything looked OK. Or was that really OK? Nope.

I decided to do a Post-Mortem of my Integration Mapping again and found one silly error:

I forgot to select a Constant value for my “SOP Type” field. I was fiddling with the options, “Use Source Field” & “Use Constant”. And in due course somehow it just got cleaned up and no Constant value selected.

I selected the option “Use Source Field” and ran the integration. The error message vanished.


1. When you face this error for any integration, just make sure that you have selected proper Source Field or Constant Value for all Required and Primary Key field(s).
2. Read this article of mine: Little Bit of Philosophy. I myself falling into the same trap of being ignorant of very trivial things. Should be very careful henceforth.