GP2013 – Purchase Invoice Inquiry Zoom Bug (Change)

I received a strange support request today from one of my users that PO number is not shown fully on Purchase Invoice Inquiry Zoom window. Just tried to inquire some purchase invoices myself and I got what she mentioned:



If you see above highlighted PO number, it’s not shown fully. This will be the case only if you use GP’s standard PO number sequence or used entire PO length of 17 characters.

When I checked it on Modifier, I found a nice little icon sitting right next to PO number field, but overlapping it by some millimeters.


This icon denotes whether the PO line item is Drop-Ship or not.

And boy, isn’t that icon looks cute? But unintentionally, it is overlapping on PO number field. Not sure how folks at GP dev team skipped this.

Solution to this issue? Modifier. Use modifier to resize the field, till we get this fixed by GP dev team.


Error when switching back to Microsoft Dynamics GP from Modifier – Fixed in SP3

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SP3, MSFT GP development team has fixed one of the nagging bugs which got introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

The following posts would explain what exactly that issue is:

Error When Switching Back To Microsoft Dynamics GP From Report Writer (Ian Grieve)

Unhandled script exception: Illegal address for field ‘[Not Found]’ in script ‘Unregister_Triggers’ (Mariano Gomez)

Rest assured that this bug is now fixed with the release of Gp 2010 SP3.


Adding Customer Item User-defined Fields to SOP Invoice – Mariano

Another excellent post up there on Mariano’s blog, which explains how to add customer item user-defined fields to SOP invoice.

The customization is done using Support Debugging Tool (SDT) to achieve this.

There is an interesting point which Mariano mentions there, which is not about the topic itself, but about how clients have started demanding things from us, consultants, which shows how much clients are aware nowadays.

Modifier with VBA would have been the BEST and easy option for any developer or consultant for this functionality. But looks like the client was strictly against it because *it’s not supported on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client*. 🙂

But that demand indeed had led to another superb piece of customization using SDT.


Display Extender Data for GL Trx Lines on GL Inquiry – David

This post is awesome. And quite a practical requirement nowadays. David takes us thru’ the steps involved in writing a piece of code that does wonders for us.

Read it here: Display Extender Data for GL Trx Lines on GL Inquiry


Changing Dictionary Context when using Passthrough Sanscript – David

David has started a new series which will explain Passthrough Sanscript Coding, from simple to complex scenarios.

First post here: Changing Dictionary Context when using Passthrough Dexterity sanScript Part 1

Watch out for some awesome posts from now on.


VBA – Adding Extender Windows to GL Transaction Entry Lines : David Musgrave

This is another code wonder from David Musgrave.

A Hybrid approach (VBA & Dex) which solved a GP – Extender issue. Read it here: VBA – Adding Extender Windows to GL Transaction Entry Lines.

A Must Read for GP Developers.


GP Login Form – Caps Lock Reminder – UPDATE

This post is an update to my previous article, CapsLock Reminder for GP Login.

In my previous article, I had shared a package which would remind you of Caps Lock being switched on.

This warning will be shown as soon as you either launch GP or try to change the User after your first login.

I thought I would tweak it so that it would show this warning when you enter Password Field. And that makes more sense than showing it right after opening the GP Login form.

So please find that updated package here: CapsLockReminder-Update.package.