Microsoft Dynamics GP Addin Templates For Visual Studio 2017 & 2019

Tim Wappat has given us something precious. I am late to the party, though.

I didn’t realise that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 shipped with a VS Tools version that’s incompatible with anything above Visual Studio 2015.

This realisation hit me when I tried to install and configure GP 2018 R2 on my virtual machine for an upgrade project.

Obviously, the first place to search for a resolution was our GP forum. This post by Richard Wheeler pointed me to the right direction. Tim’s Visual Studio extension saved me from going insane.

Thank you so much, Tim!



Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP – A Weird Flaw/Limitation

I must first admit that I faced this issue (or may be flaw…!?!?!?!) only now after all these years of VS Tools development expertise.

The issue is this: I want to write a custom code on two events; SOP Entry Print Button and POP Entry Print Button. When I initialise the event method for SOP Entry Print Button, following is how it generates the code:


And the event method gets created as follows (if you use TAB to create the methods automatically):


After above, when I try to initialise an event method for POP Entry Print Button, following is how it generates the code:


When you try to press TAB to create the event method automatically, it takes you to previously created method.

Because, print buttons on both windows (SOP Entry & PO Entry) have same name technically, which is WindowPrint, VS Tools doesn’t understand both are from different windows and it just goes on to refer to one single method instead of two.

But you are not stuck there forever. Simple solution is to manually name your method initialisation with logical names, like below:


And like below:


Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP does not restrict you from using only names that it suggest.


Clearing “Recent Projects” list on Visual Studio 2008 Start Page

Ever wondered how to clear all that cluttering of recently worked projects list on your Visual Studio 2008 start page? I did. Till I found an article posted by Brent Lamborn.

Brent’s post, Visual Studio 2008 – Clear Recent Projects List, solved my issue. Thought I would sort of reblog it. Those who looking for a solution to this issue, look no further.


The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP Technologies – Mariano

Mariano highlights 5 coolest technologies for Microsoft Dynamics GP in coming years to watch out for. I can’t agree for more, since I am already seeing 3 of the highlighted 5 currently.

Just to list you those technologies:

1. Microsoft Lync
2. Microsoft Silverlight
3. Microsoft Visual Studio Lightswitch
4. Cloud Computing
5. Microsoft Dexterity (yeah you did hear it right)

And to know why the above are cool, check out his post: The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP: 5 Cool Technologies You Should Watch For (and Learn) in the Coming Years


Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 (64 Bit) – Don’t Rush Till Nov’10

While Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2010, which is terrific compared to earlier versions, Crystal Reports got it’s Free Edition for VS2010 as well. But now it’s a separate download from SAP Business Objects site.
That’s not the intention of this post at all. I wanted to caution all Consultants/Developers who are planning to develop applications on VS2010 platform along with Crystal Reports.
Read this post before you plan for 64 Bit Crystal Reports based Apps using VS2010: Update on the CR for VS 2010 Release
I would recommend the following specs for such Apps:
1. Visual Studio 2008
2. Crystal Reports Basic for VS2008 (Including SP1)
3. Crystal Reports .NET Redistributable Runtime 64 Bit
For GP Consultants, we have a product already from Flex-Solutions, GP Report Viewer, which does exactly what we require.
I got a Trial Fully Functional license from Flex-Solutions and running short of time for my evaluation. I am still going on with my evaluation on all aspects which I currently require, as and when I get some time.
So far, such a great product and excellent work by Flex-Solutions team. I would recommend to anyone who need hassle-free Crystal Reports substitute for GP Documents.