GP2016 – Feature of the Day – Power BI Integration & Budget Import Enhancement

Another set of feature of the day posts reveal that Power BI is coming to GP.  Also we have got Budget Import enhancement. Links to the posts are below:

  • Duplicate Accounts Import Exception Report
  • Power BI Reports on Home Page – I would rather like to see Dynamics GP being added to the Power BI Connector Services. Don’t get me wrong. I love this feature, it’s great to have Power BI report widgets on GP home page. However, the ideal integration would be to see Dynamics GP Connector Service. I think that would possibly happen soon, considering the next feature.
  • Dynamics GP OData Service – This is going to be another important feature (HTML5 Web Client being the first one) that I have been waiting for. This will enable us to have an excellent Power BI integration. I am happy to see Power BI reports on GP Home Page, no doubt, but I am super excited about OData Service.



GP2016 – Feature of the Day – Workflow Enhancements, Licensing Addition & More…

Following features have been posted on Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog:

  • Workflow Condition Management: We have a better condition management now that lets us decide on what needs to be done when a workflow condition is not met. Excellent.
  • Workflow Reassignment Notification: Notifications can now be sent to the new approver for delegation, escalation and/or alternate approval.
  • Named Self Serve User: With GP2015 R2, we got a new user license namely “Self Service User”. With GP2016, named self service user license is introduced. In all honesty, I have to wait and see how this differentiate itself from the previous license model.
  • Automatically Batch Deposit Cash Receipts: This feature reduces one step and saves lot of time. Posting a cash receipt batch would automatically create a cash deposit (either by batch or by transaction, depending on the setup). Awesome.
  • Manage/Edit Attachment Flows: Allows us to edit the information that flows from master to transaction and more. Enhancements are always great.


GP2016 – Feature of the Day – Smartlist from Favourites & Word Templates on Batch Approval

Next couple of features posted on Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog have excited me for obvious reasons.

  • Smartlist from Favourites: Users can now create a Smartlist from a favourite, retaining the search conditions and columns list. Great time saver.
  • Word Templates for Batch Approval Workflow: How about the ability to view the entire batch content before approving? That’s exactly what this feature is about. Excellent feature. This would further eliminate GP application dependency for trivial tasks.



GP2016 – Feature of the Day -Export/Import in SLD, AA Access & More

I was busy with various activities that I missed some interesting/exciting FsOTD on Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog.

I am particularly excited about the last two in the above list; AA Access and Smartlist Designer Export/Import.

The gap between Smartlist Designer and Smartlist Builder is slowly (yet steadily) getting filled. While Smartlist Builder is one of its kind, Smartlist Designer now gives customers a lean version of Smartlist Builder that would satisfy most of the requirements. I am happy as a consultant that I now have an improved Smartlist Designer to talk about with customers/prospects.

Analytical Accounting User Access Settings – Steve Endow perfectly expressed his (and mine as well) thoughts on this tweet. Can’t agree more.


GP2016 – Feature of the Day – PA Document Attach & Payables Credit Cards

Next set of “feature of the day” posts give us a glimpse on:

Interesting thing about PA document attach feature is that the attachments on Project Time Expense (PTE) would flow to Project Accounting and to Payables.


GP2016 – Feature of the Day – Inventory AIO Viewer & Project on Purchase Requisition

Excited to see the “All-In-One Viewer” being extended for all modules. After sales, inventory has got its own AIO viewer.

Perhaps the most important feature that I am excited about, in addition to HTML5 Web Client, is the ability to add a Project to Purchase Requisition Entry. This was sorely missed by many of the customers. I am glad this feature made it to GP2016.

Read the “feature of the day” posts here:


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 – Feature Videos

Awesome way to learn what’s new in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP (official GP blog) has posted a list of all Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Feature videos.

I personally checked out some videos and it’s highly informative, but have not gone thru’ the entire collection though.

Go ahead and explore the videos. I am sure you will start planning to optimise some of your business processes after seeing these new features.


AF: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to use Ctree as Primary Database Platform

UPDATE: Now that I have reached the fag end of 1-Apr-2012, I thought I would just update this post saying that the following post was just an AF post. So just sit back and relax. Happy AF Day!

Awesome. That’s an interesting and also surprising fact about Dynamics GP 2013.

David’s post, reveals that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is going to use Ctree as primary Database platform.

Microsoft’s strategy is getting extremely clear with this fact. It’s going to be low cost, platform independent and more, if I have understood this correctly. 🙂

Below are some very important advantages, as explained by David:

  1. Low overheads
  2. Fast performance
  3. Automatic creation of tables when they are not present
  4. Less code required since necessity of zDP_ stored procedures are not going to be

I want you all to read his post fully to understand the significance of this.


GP 2013 Web Client – More Insight From David

With more and more excitement being felt on GP 2013 Web Client, David gives us some more insight on this and more.

The post, Microsoft Convergence 2012 – GPPC Games and Web Client, explains the good things and also the limitations of Web Client in its first version.

This post, therefore, is very important for developers and consultants to gear up for this awesome client and understand what they must do to get the existing GP environments to work on the new release post upgrade.

Thanks David for the all important post. It was really crucial for us to understand.


Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP

This one’s going to be very interesting and widely used features in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP has got a post that explains couple of new Online Services that are going to be available from November 1, 2010.

Those features are:

1. Payment Services: Enables customers to accept electronic payments directly thru’ ERP.
2. Commerce Services: Build and publish new sales catalogs on demand and extend the sales reach across multiple online channels.

This is going to be available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 SP5 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

More details here: COMING SOON – Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This will be an excellent feature once we understand how it works and how effectively we can use it.