Fixed Assets Depreciate Button Disabled For User – Solution

This issue was a bit tricky but not THAT tricky, though.

One of the users reported to me that he was not able to run depreciation because when he opened the Depreciation Process Information window (Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Tools -> Routines -> Fixed Assets -> Depreciate), the Depreciate button was disabled. Below was the screenshot that he sent to me (disabled button is highlighted in RED box):

Depreciate Window


Reason: After quite a bit of analysis (Dex Script Log & SQL Profiling using SDT), I found that there is a table where FA module temporarily records the depreciation activity initiated by any user and will retain that record the process is complete.

User confirmed to me that last time when he ran the depreciation process, it got stuck at the time of printing the results.


The table which records the activity is FA40203 (display name: Book Setup for Depreciation). The table contains three fields: User ID, FA Book Index & FA Book ID.

I took a backup of this table (a simple T-SQL SELECT * INTO…) and removed that stranded activity record for that user.

User confirmed that he could then start depreciation process.

Its always good to start a day with some brainy troubleshooting. But not certainly good for users to start with an issue, though.



Using Script Debugger in Runtime Mode

David explains us about using Script Debugger in Runtime mode.

There won’t be any performance issues obviously as stated by him, but there are some crucial points that we need to think about before enabling it.

Enabling it on live environment is like inviting disaster. I remember I used to do that, but only after all users log off from GP. That particular customer, they don’t work 24/7 which gave me the confidence to enable it on live and disable it back once my troubleshooting was over. I would have been in very deep trouble easily had I not remembered disabling that after my task.

Even a single Dex debug message box would be more than enough to drive a user crazy.


Dexterity Script Profile to solve Performance Issue – David

Waiting for 30 seconds after simply clicking a checkbox is indeed a nasty thing.

David explains us on how to solve Performance Issue using Dexterity Script Profile by taking above issue, reported by some customer.

It’s a detailed post with step by step explanations on how he could solve it.

Must read for all consultants and developers.