Hey, Who Moved My (PowerPivot 2013) Cheese? – PowerPivotPro

That’s so very awkward…

You can’t get PowerPivot 2013 with Office Professional 2013. It’s available only with Office 2013 Professional *Plus*. Oh wait a moment. You can’t get Office 2013 Professional Plus just like that. It can be get ONLY with Office 365 subscription.

PowerPivotPro has got a post which explains this crazy thing.

Mark Polino, over at DynamicAccounting.net, has got his views too on this.

UPDATE: MSDynamicsWorld has got another post. Must read.

I do not know what to say about this. Just plain illogical for any customer to go for an Office 365 subscription JUST for PowerPivot and get screwed with monthly/annual subscription fees. Mark was so very right. PLUS stands for Please Let Us Screw you.



SharePoint 2010 Email Workflow Error – The user does not exist or is not unique.

I started working on SharePoint 2010 as we have moved to Office 365 environment. The migration of all my customizations have to move on to Cloud now.

Upon working on an email workflow, where in, a notification should be sent to people (one or more) who are assigned to a particular task. This was working on our on-premise environment, but stopped working when I moved it to SharePoint Cloud. Following was the error message:

The form cannot be submitted. The user does not exist or is not unique.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.  Log ID:5567

Correlation ID:026e0140-cb14-4b2e-95be-947ca2a3f86f

Upon checking all trivial settings to all custom coding, I found this article on web: People picker issue with Allow Multiple.

Let me brief the issue: SharePoint Cloud list does not get updated after you import the form template onto your Infopath 2010 and do any modifications to it on Infopath 2010.

Ideally, I should have first changed the field settings on SharePoint List settings first and then I should have imported the template onto my Infopath for further coding or modifications.

Thanks to the user (Anson Hidajat) for this crucial information. It saved me literally at least one man day’s effort.


Office 365 & SharePoint Online – TechEd 2011 Session

Just attended the session, Office 365 & SharePoint Online, in TechEd 2011 Middle East. And it’s very exciting and interesting.

It’s a service offered by Microsoft for anyone who wants a Hassle-Free and Pay-As-You-Use experience. Happened to see a live demo of Office 365 and it’s terrific to say the least.

MSFT may not be the first one to work on this, but they have certainly got an edge since it’s built on their flagship Product, Microsoft Office, which is used by millions of people out there.

Very impressive. More information here: Microsoft Office 365 – Get In The Cloud.