RIP Apture – I Will Miss You

How many of my blog readers remember about my blog being enabled with Apture Highlights?

It’s very sad that this beautiful feature is now no more. I got to know this long back, but the feature that I added on my blog still worked; until this morning.

You check out Apture’s Site. All you got to see is a message from Apture Team as below:

I am not sure what to express, but only one thing which I feel right now is this: Google, you have successfully killed one more beautiful product.

RIP Apture. I loved your features. I loved the way you simplified my vocabulary learning. I loved the way you just simply popped out of the web page without taking me to any other site. I loved the way you were just a simple yet catchy product called Apture. I was so in awe that I put your logo on my blog and proudly claimed that my blog got “Aptured”.

Not any more.

I will surely miss you.



Apture Highlights – A Cool New way of Searching within a Website

A cool new addition to my website. APTURE HIGHLIGHTS. It works like this:

Just select any word on my blog posts and automatically a small icon that says “LEARN MORE” would appear. Just highlighting on that icon would do wonders as shown below:

´╗┐Quite an amazing way of searching about something without leaving the actual website. I would recommend this to all our fellow bloggers to try this and get benefitted.
I am so impressed with this and it’s going to be fun to all my blog readers.