Limiting Number of Records Per Page on a Crystal Report

There are several methods to achieve limiting number of records per page on a crystal report.

But this method, from a blogger named Pankaj Lalwani, seems to be very simple and effective. Check his post here: Limiting Number of Records to be Displayed on Crystal Report.

Version won’t matter in this case, since the solution what he proposes uses most common functions/operators, unless the latest version of crystal reports have an in-built settings for DETAILS section in Section Expert (which I doubt it would be).



Rename Tables in Crystal Reports – Victoria

Another nice tip from Victoria on How to Rename Tables in Crystal Reports. And this tip is quite handy.


Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 (64 Bit) – Don’t Rush Till Nov’10

While Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2010, which is terrific compared to earlier versions, Crystal Reports got it’s Free Edition for VS2010 as well. But now it’s a separate download from SAP Business Objects site.
That’s not the intention of this post at all. I wanted to caution all Consultants/Developers who are planning to develop applications on VS2010 platform along with Crystal Reports.
Read this post before you plan for 64 Bit Crystal Reports based Apps using VS2010: Update on the CR for VS 2010 Release
I would recommend the following specs for such Apps:
1. Visual Studio 2008
2. Crystal Reports Basic for VS2008 (Including SP1)
3. Crystal Reports .NET Redistributable Runtime 64 Bit
For GP Consultants, we have a product already from Flex-Solutions, GP Report Viewer, which does exactly what we require.
I got a Trial Fully Functional license from Flex-Solutions and running short of time for my evaluation. I am still going on with my evaluation on all aspects which I currently require, as and when I get some time.
So far, such a great product and excellent work by Flex-Solutions team. I would recommend to anyone who need hassle-free Crystal Reports substitute for GP Documents.

Crystal Reports Installation on 64 Bit Machines

Installation of Crystal Reports does not really have any issues on a 64 Bit machine.

But once installation is over and you launch the Crystal Reports, you would be surprised to see Crystal Reports Application crashing.

The reasons are two:

1. Crystal Reports Redistribution x64 must be installed on 64 Bit machines.
2. DEP (Data Execution Prevention) on that machine must either be set to “Essential Programs and Services” alone, or create an Exception for Crystal Reports EXE. This will ensure that OS does not validate Crystal Reports and throw an exception error, which leads to crashing.


Crystal Reports XI & Windows Server 2008

This one’s a pointer to GP Newsgroup (General) post: Crystal XI on Windows Server 2008.

Childofthe1980s has entered these posts (first one a query, second one the solution).

Should be noted down, as I am also working on the same environment here and may face the same issue. So this pointer may serve a purpose of directing my blog readers also to this issue & resolution.