Simulate DEX_ROW_ID in a SQL View Using ROW_NUMBER() – #MSDYNGP

I have a requirement in which I have to access a SQL view from within my customisation dictionary, in order to create a custom lookup for users to select a value based on an Extender form and an Extender lookup. Easiest option is to create an Extender view (which in turn creates a SQL view for us).

Now, this is the view that I am suppose to refer to from my custom dictionary. Dexterity allows us to refer to any SQL object by simply create a TABLE definition and mention the SQL object (table or view) name as the physical name.

Dex View

Everything looks perfect till you actually see below error messages at runtime:

Dex View - Error 1

Dex View - Error 2

Error message is quite obvious; you do not have DEX_ROW_ID in that SQL view that you are referring to. Every single Dexterity table must have DEX_ROW_ID at the backend. It cannot afford to not have one.

So how am I going to resolve this? By simply adding a record number dynamically to the SQL view created by Extender. How to do that? By adding the T-SQL function ROW_NUMBER(). This is how I achieved it:



Definition of ROW_NUMBER() can be found here: ROW_NUMBER (Transact-SQL).

A simple yet powerful SQL function has given me the power to do what I wanted in no time. Oh, and my custom lookup referring to this view is working like a charm. Users are happy and so am I.



Cross Dictionary Triggers on DEX.DIC

This post is kind of reblogging David’s post, Cross Dictionary Dexterity Development, for just one reason.

We can write cross dictionary triggers on DEX.DIC. I had tried this once, some years ago, and could not succeed. I never got a chance or requirement again that would push me beyond that limit. Looks like that chance is here and now.

And this is certainly the right time for me to reblog this point and the post itself.


Using substring() with Text Fields – David

Back from my vacation, several posts grabbed my interest as a developer. This post from David is one of them.

David explains how to resolve an issue that was found in Sivakumar’s SDT (Support Debugging Tool) based solution. In a nutshell, the issue was with Text type fields and dexterity function substring().

Read it here; Quick Tip: Using substring() with a text field datatype.


"Illegal Address Field" Error while accessing a Global

This one’s interesting and quite straightforward too.

I had to create a new Global field in my customization. Instead of creating a new field, I added an existing GP field (‘Customer Number’) and wrote my code to assign value and retrieve value as required.

I created the chunk and when my code was executed at run-time, I received the following error message:

At the first look, it’s all correct. I have referred to a Global field which exists pretty much in my dictionary, otherwise it would not have even got compiled in first place.

So what else would be the reason? It’s plain and simple. I created a “new Global field from an existing GP field”. Which means, when I created my chunk, I should have added this resource explicitly to my dictionary, using Transfer Resources Dex Utility option. OR I should have first created a new field itself and then add that to Globals.

Since I didn’t do above, compiler did not find that resource at all in my dictionary or GP’s dictionary (Dynamics.dic) and then threw this error message.

I created a new field itself in my custom dictionary and added that to Globals. Things were perfectly alright.

Sometimes, focusing more on brain draining issues may actually drain your brain. Well, I am serious. Otherwise, how in your opinion I missed this above simple concept?

Update: David has posted a quick tip on why this issue occurs and what is the best possible solution to this.


Access data from other companies from Dexterity

David walks us thru’ how we can access data from other companies from a Dexterity code.

I have never written a code like this in my 8 years of experience. That said, I have not met any requirements that challenged me to write such code. With this, David has eased my (our) efforts in finding how it can be done.

Thanks David.


Dexterity "Reject Script" Command – David

David’s recent post on reject script command in Dexterity has got some really crucial information about it’s scope and usage.

After 7+ years of Dexterity experience, I did learn something which I had not in the past. MUST READ for any Dex developer.