Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Database SDK – Siva

I was in fact awaiting Sivakumar’s post about the new section that he has been working on. I got the privilege to go thru’ this first before his post went public.

Siva’s new section is all about GP 2010 R2 SQL Objects (Tables, DBs, Stored Procedures, Views, etc.). Like the one we have in MS Word documents that can be accessed from GP SDK, this is also an interesting concept and also very informative for all developers out there, who may not have access to SQL Server on a real time.

Read his post here, Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Database SDK, and share your thoughts with him. 

I am sure this is going to be of immense help for all of us.



"Unknown error 0 – 800AC351 occurred saving the project file" – Error & Solution

My last post discussed about an error message faced by users once GP2010 R2 upgrade was over. This post gives you a solution for that.

The following error message was faced by users when they log off from GP:

Initially I thought it was occurring only on “sa” login. But couple of users today reported the same error when they logged off from GP.

When I analyzed this further, I realized that users who have access to Field Service processes in GP alone were getting this error message. Those who do not have access never reported this issue at all.

That made me to think about next step in solving this. No one has reported this issue yet, thus leaving me in the lurch.

I finally found a solution for this menace.


1. I logged off all users from GP environment, as it is Terminal Server environment for us.
2. Launched GP and opened Visual Basic editor.
3. Opened Field Service VBA project.
4. Did some harmless edits (like adding some comments, etc.).
5. Opened the “References” wizard.
6. Unselected all references and selected it back.
7. Compiled the entire project to check whether I am getting any error message.
8. Saved VBA project.
9. Logged off from GP.

Surprisingly (but expectedly) the error message never appeared again.

Those who are looking for some solution for this menace, here it is for you.


Unknown error 0 – 800AC351 occurred saving the project file – Error Message

Has anyone faced this error message?

I recently found this error message after upgrading to GP2010 R2, though it doesn’t have any impact towards other users’ sessions and even the customizations.

This happens only for an “sa” login. Very strange error message.

UPDATE 1: This is happening for all users who have access to Field Service module. If you see the above message, the error is thrown by Field Service VBA project.

UPDATE 2: Issue is resolved. Please read my next post to know better about this message.


Complete list of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 SSRS Reports

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP has listed out all SSRS reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

The list categorizes reports by module and indicates whether it’s a normal report or KPI based report. This would be the best document to make us aware of and convince our customers that GP does have such expansive list of standard reports and KPIs.


Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 R2 – SSRS BI maxRequestLength Error

Another one, luckily Mohammad R. Daoud has got an answer to this issue.

Once GP2010 R2 installation is over and GP Utilities start configuring system, almost the last setup is SRS Reports Deployment wizard. It’s a welcome change from previous versions, as this one is more explanatory and clear.

Once it starts deploying reports, the following error message is thrown:

The message is self-explanatory on what needs to be done to get rid of this message. To understand how to find WEB.CONFIG file, read Mohammad R. Daoud’s post; Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Business Intelligence Installation Error maxRequestLength.
Thanks Daoud. It was really helpful.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 – SRS Reports Deployment Error

Everyone knows that GP2010 R2 got released well before it’s announced date (1st May 2011). And I was no exception in starting off with it.

I installed GP 2010 R2 on my laptop and it went thru’ merrily. And started off with deploying SSRS and Excel Reports. Below is the error message I am getting:

Reason: I am running SQL Server 2008 R2 Express. For some reason, SRS deployment do not recognize SQL Server Express editions and it requires either Standard or Enterprise.
So people, those who would wish to deploy SRS on SQL Server 2008 R2 Express, please do not.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client – David shares more information

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 – Business Portal External Lists

Looks like an excellent feature addition. So far, we had to rely on Extranet Services for any edit from Business Portal. This Business Portal External Lists feature now fills that gap. We have to wait and see how much we can do using this External Lists.

Errol introduces this feature to us on recent Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP post.

GP 2010 R2 – Substitute Fields for Email

This is going to be another interesting feature. Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP announces another feature added to GP 2010 R2, which is Substitute Fields for Email.

Of course, this is going to be a boon to End Users, but let me also add that this would not be possible till someone knows about how to browse thru’ and learn GP Fields and the way it is designed. Which puts them in front of a whole new training session.

The very concept of Resource Descriptions in GP is to educate Users to learn about GP Tables, Forms, Windows & Fields, so that they can do some on-spot Reporting or Windows modification. Having said that, not all End-Users are going to be interested in this learning experience, especially when they are suppose to concentrate on their day-to-day tasks.

Nonetheless, this is going to be one heck of a feature to look at.


Microsoft Dexterity 2010 R2 – Enhancements

David sums up Dexterity 2010 R2 enhancements and gives us a glimpse of how it’s going to be, referring to Feature of the Day posts from Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Pretty exciting to learn these new features, obviously.