GP2016 – Feature of the Day -Export/Import in SLD, AA Access & More

I was busy with various activities that I missed some interesting/exciting FsOTD on Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog.

I am particularly excited about the last two in the above list; AA Access and Smartlist Designer Export/Import.

The gap between Smartlist Designer and Smartlist Builder is slowly (yet steadily) getting filled. While Smartlist Builder is one of its kind, Smartlist Designer now gives customers a lean version of Smartlist Builder that would satisfy most of the requirements. I am happy as a consultant that I now have an improved Smartlist Designer to talk about with customers/prospects.

Analytical Accounting User Access Settings – Steve Endow perfectly expressed his (and mine as well) thoughts on this tweet. Can’t agree more.



Top Smartlist Builder Question – “Can I do a Multi-company Summary Smartlist?”

Collins Dynamics GP Blog tells us about the Top Smartlist Builder Question, which is Can I do a Multi-Company Summary Smartlist?

The answer is a very positive YES.

It’s basically a simple and easy-to-understand feature. This feature is quite important for all clients with multiple companies on a single GP environment.

Pay a visit their post and you will know how exactly to use this feature.


Smartlist Builder Bug – Display As Negative Value Based on Field

Mariano confirms a bug which is spotted in Smartlist Builder.

The bug is in setting up any Numeric Field to be displayed as a Negative Value Based on Field. And he also shows us a simple and doable workaround till this is fixed by Microsoft in coming releases.

The impact of this bug towards GP Versions are also mentioned clearly.

Must read article for those who extensively work on Smartlist Builder.


Smartlist Builder View Returning Nothing – David Musgrave

David explains why Smartlist Builder View may not return records and on which scenario.

Check out his post here: SmartList Builder based on SQL View not returning Data.


View Smartlists with SQL Tables

Have you ever wondered why your Smartlist, created using Smartlist Builder and a SQL Table / View (which is not part of any of GP or 3rd Party Products)?
This may be the issue:
The above screenshot shows Security Task form, where you have to select the option “View SmartLists with SQL Tables” for the users who wants access to this Smartlist.
This particular point is very much covered in Smartlist Manual, but I bet most of us would have overlooked this.