OFF TOPIC: Why I can’t use the File Sharing wizard?

Alright… Another off-topic one, but is worth sharing. This post again shows how much Customers are aware about technology and go that extra mile to get educated on systems/software that they use.

The Old New Thing has got a post which explains a flaw in Windows Vista (yeah I can hear you yelling at me as soon as you heard that word) and Windows Server 2008, but got fixed in Windows 7 (are you OK now?) and Windows Server 2008 R2.

The post is about why you can’t use File Sharing wizard if you exclude inheritable permissions from a folder’s parent.

Just in case, people are wondering why this thing never work on Windows Vista (ok ok, that’s the last time I would utter that word) and Windows Server 2008, you have one more reason to dump *you know what*.



Send To Email – Issue Explained by Janakiram MP

This issue is being currently faced by users in my company as well. And I got the same response from MSFT.

Janakiram MP explains us why “Send To Email” feature is not working with Outlook 2010. Our environment is as follows:

1. Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit.
2. Office 2010 64 Bit.
3. Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 SP1.

Anyone facing this issue with above configuration may just want to confirm that it’s not possible at all with 64 Bit Office 2010.


Crystal Reports XI & Windows Server 2008

This one’s a pointer to GP Newsgroup (General) post: Crystal XI on Windows Server 2008.

Childofthe1980s has entered these posts (first one a query, second one the solution).

Should be noted down, as I am also working on the same environment here and may face the same issue. So this pointer may serve a purpose of directing my blog readers also to this issue & resolution.


WIN2008, SQL2008 & GP10 – Issue & Resolution

This one may or may not have caught the attention of Consultants. So here you have it.

I was working on a GP 10.0 SP4 installation on the following environment:

1. Windows Server 2008 Standard
2. SQL Server 2008
3. GP 10.0 SP4
4. 64 Bit Environment

I installed SQL Server 2008 first and then installed GP 10.0. When I launched my GP Utilities, the ODBC Data Source to SQL Server was not listed at all. I must admit that I did not search any forums or KB to find out the reason and solution.

But I found this: SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008 R2 must be applied with SP1 mandatorily. This was the reason my ODBC DSN did not get listed in my GP Utilities. I applied SQL2008 SP1 and it worked.