GP2010 with Management Reporter – VPC Available

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP has got a post that announces the Availability of GP2010 With MR (Management Reporter) VPC.

It details the VPC and features involved in it.



Microsoft Dynamics GP10 Service Pack 5 – Available Now

Details of this release is available on David’s, Mariano’s & Jivtesh’s articles, respectively:

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 5 – David
2. Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 5 now Available – Mariano
3. GP 10.0 SP5 is Out (with lots of AA Fixes) – Jivtesh

David & Jivtesh details us about the core fixes or changes in SP5.

One important point that I have to highlight is: The Incompatibility of SP5 to get upgraded to GP2010 RTM. We have to wait till GP2010 SP1.

People who are planning for a GP2010 Upgrade must tread caution before applying this patch. Go thru’ the SP release notes and FAQs to make sure you really need it for your GP10 environment till you move on to GP2010.


Dynamics GP 2010 – International English Version Now Available

Go thru’ this article and get registered for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – International English Launch.

More important details on Dynamics Care article.

Let’s gear up for an evolved GP 2010.


Dynamics GP 2010 – Customers Lookup Enhancement

This is very simple yet important feature that’s been added to GP 2010 Customers & Prospects Lookup.

Now we have an option called “Exclude Inactive Customers” and once we select it, the lookup filters Customers who are only Active and displays in Lookup. And it is not just that, we can set it up as Default View by clicking on “Set as Default View”. This is how it is:

I remember I have done this filtering using VBA code to one of my customers, an year back. And needless to say, my work got appreciated as none of the other approach they tried worked with a better performance.

Now this feature comes out of the box and I am sure a massive list of Customers would be happy with this.


Dynamics GP 2010 – Service Call Enhancement

One of the most helpful enhancement in Field Service – Service Call Management is that, we are now able to enter a Non-Inventory Item on a Service Call.

What does that mean for Service Industry Clients? They do not have to maintain all kinds of Service related tasks, such as Installation, Maintenance, etc. as Inventory “Service Charges” items.

To enter Non-Inventory Items on a Service Call Spares window, one must enable “Allow Non-Inventoried Items” under “Options” section in “Service Setup” form, which is accessed from Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Tools -> Setup -> Project -> Service Setup. Shown as below:

Once this is setup, you can then enter any Non-Inventory Item on Spares Entry window. Sample one is shown below:

The one which I entered as “INSTALLATION” is a Non-Inventoried Item. And whenever we enter such Items, we get “EACH” as our Unit of Measure, as it is in SOP Entry.

Very useful feature and I know how much it is going to help my current assignment, had this been introduced a bit early.


Dynamics GP 2010 – Issue in Editing Word Template in MS Word

I had mentioned in my previous article about OpenXML Plugin that must be installed on our system to run Word Template Report.

Once this was done on my test environment, I still could not see my Word Template report displaying all information as demonstrated in some Teaser Demos. The following was my Sales Order output:

The Header & Footer information were never shown and I am puzzled again as to how I could solve this issue.

When I tried modifying the Template from Word, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-In for Microsoft Word was loaded successfully on my MS Word, but I could never see “Developer” tab which will enable me to modify Word Report by adding / removing fields, logos etc.

I am still trying to find why this happens.


Dynamics GP 2010 – Analysis Cube Error Message

I was testing Dynamics GP 2010 Analysis Cube Configuration for SQL Server 2008.

I entered the SQL Server 2008 Instance where GP is installed and I was able to successfully enter Setup Information for Analysis Cube Data Warehouse information.

When I tried selecting TWO Company on which I wanted to configure and deploy Analysis Cubes, I got the following message:

I honestly do not understand the term “Dynamics GP Professional“.

While I am still wondering how to solve this issue, I would be immensely grateful if someone shed some light on this.


Microsoft Dexterity 11.0 – What’s New? (Mariano)

Mariano walks us thru’ his analysis on What’s new in Dexterity 11.0.

Must see for all those Dex Developers out there.


Dynamics GP 2010 – Arabic Version (Mohd. Daoud)

You gotta be proud of this guy’s R&D.

Daoud has done some Strings & Messages conversion in GP 2010, and there we have Arabic GP 2010.

Check it out.


Dynamics GP 2010 – Navigation Enhancements (Mariano)

Remember to read this article from Mariano on GP 2010 Navigation Enhancements.

Quite elaborative.