Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Database SDK – Siva

I was in fact awaiting Sivakumar’s post about the new section that he has been working on. I got the privilege to go thru’ this first before his post went public.

Siva’s new section is all about GP 2010 R2 SQL Objects (Tables, DBs, Stored Procedures, Views, etc.). Like the one we have in MS Word documents that can be accessed from GP SDK, this is also an interesting concept and also very informative for all developers out there, who may not have access to SQL Server on a real time.

Read his post here, Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Database SDK, and share your thoughts with him. 

I am sure this is going to be of immense help for all of us.



Who uses BI? – Dwight Specht

This one’s an awesomely simple yet on-the-dot post, which I read today. I am not going to brief about this post and I leave it to you read it fully, understand what exactly it wants us to learn.

Here is the post, written by Dwight Specht: Who uses BI?

I myself am working on BI reports, a lot, nowadays and posts such as this only add to my constant improvement.

Special thanks to Dwight.


Capturing Images from a Microsoft Word Document (.docx) – David

That was awesome. Sheer awesome.

David shares with us about capturing images from a Microsoft Word Document (only .docx) file.

Honestly, I never even imagined that any .DOCX/.XLSX/.PPTX file is actually zip archived file in disguise.

Thank you so much, David. Another tip that’s quite interesting and awesome.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap – GP "15" Added

Mariano has just published the updated Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap on his blog, with GP “15” added to the exciting list of GP versions to come in future.

I am absolutely delighted to see Microsoft’s commitment to this wonderful product.


Using SQL to retrieve number of records in a table – David

David gives an alternate SQL option for the simple COUNT(*) and explain how it improves the performance as against COUNT(*).

You may have to go thru’ the comments as well; some comments discuss the post further.


State of Online Accounting Industry – Q&A on Software Advice by Michael Koploy

I was contacted by Mr. Michael Koploy, Software Advice, to have a look at his then recent article; State of Online Accounting Industry.

The importance of this article is that it gives an insight about Accounting Software on Cloud, from 3 of the leading Online Accounting Software solutions. 5 important questions and you are well informed by the answers. It’s a great read and well informative.

I would like to share my views on this.


1. Cost – That’ll be the driving point for any one who want to go online.
2. Less/Zero Maintenance – You don’t have to worry about downtime or H/W maintenance on server or related resources.


1. Depends on providers. You can’t just trust everyone and anyone who provide an online solution. There were some recent outages from industry’s leading providers, such as Microsoft, Amazon, etc.
2. Since it’s pay as you use, you have to limit your usage if you have to get some benefit out of. When I say that, I mean, I may not have one live environment and one test environment for the price of only one environment. If I insist to have, I may have to pay for that.
3. If I have to restore a backup due to a severe mistakes, I can’t do it immediately. I don’t even know whether my service provider maintains a backdated backup or not.
4. No Accounting Software is used AS IS, without a single customization(s). If I do require a customization, then my online accounting software should have an ability to import it and get updated with.
5. Whenever there is a major update to the parent product, I may or may not have a choice to decide on whether I actually want it or not. As always, a major upgrade also include additional cost depending on HOW major it is.
6. People may not feel like THEY ARE CONTROLLING THEIR DATA. I capitalized that, because, that’s a huge question everyone would want to ask before adapting to the change.

In my humble opinion, everything else could be 100% online (Public Cloud), but Accounting Software should be a hybrid (Private Cloud). In that way, there will be a balance between cost, maintenance and others.


Using substring() with Text Fields – David

Back from my vacation, several posts grabbed my interest as a developer. This post from David is one of them.

David explains how to resolve an issue that was found in Sivakumar’s SDT (Support Debugging Tool) based solution. In a nutshell, the issue was with Text type fields and dexterity function substring().

Read it here; Quick Tip: Using substring() with a text field datatype.


Dynamics GP Developer Insights – Series of Posts on Developing For Dynamics GP

Brian Roney and his team at Microsoft (Dynamics GP Technical Division) is going to post series of articles which will enlighten us on what’s been going on with Dynamics GP development.

Series titled as Dynamics GP Developer Insights.

GP developers across world, stay tuned for a brilliant series.


Best Practice for Dexterity Version & Build Numbers – David

David’s post, Best Practice for Dexterity Version and Build Numbers, explains a very important concept in chunk creation process.

We must version our products which is very important and also ethical. Small-time Dex developers do not understand this process when they deliver a simple customization. 
I sincerely believe that this post from David would enlighten people about this.

Dynamics GP Insights – From BKD Technologies

A new blog out there launched by BKD Technologies which is going to be a dedicated GP blog.

Check out: BKD GP Team Blog – Dynamics GP Insights.