GP2010 – Sales Charts & KPIs – Top Items By Sale Amount – Stored Procedure Bug

I stumbled across a bug (of sorts) in GP2010 SSRS Charts & KPIs for Sales Module.

GP2010 has got default Charts & KPIs designed in SSRS and we have quite hands full of Charts & KPIs which covers most of our basic requirements. One module which is very good in terms of coverage is Sales. Under Sales, we have a Chart & KPI called Top Items By Sale Amount.

When I ran this report to view the results, I got the following error message:

The error message mentions that there is an extra bit of string data that’s getting forcefully truncated due to size restrictions. This clearly indicates a SQL Error Message. I ran the SQL Profiler furthering the probe. And the issue was rounded in to a Stored Procedure which is run to extract the needed data for this Chart & KPI, which is seeSOPTopTenSalesItemsByPriceMetric.

In that stored procedure, a temporary table is created with a column named ItemNumber which is of size char(18). We all (Consultants/Developers) know that, in GP, size of a Item Number is 31 in SQL.

So, this SSRS Chart & KPI will fail if any Item Number exceeds the size 18 in variably, which is a bug in this Stored Procedure.

FIX: I ALTERed this stored procedure to resize this particular temporary ItemNumber column to char(31) and report retrieved the details excellently.


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