10 Reasons Why Project Estimates Fail – Craig Buckler

This article is an excellent one from Craig Buckler. Happened to read this and being a developer myself basically, I could not help but admitting to all his points.

Read the article here: 10 Reasons Why Project Estimates Fail.

If you have more reasons to add? Please add those reasons as Comments to this post or Comments to the original post directly. Either way, I am too curious to know your views on this article.



Clients Hiring Project Manager For Implementation – Pitfalls

This one’s very realistic, Mark. I must admit that I am more than convinced.

Implementation is much more than a Project Management and it certainly requires someone who do not compromise on anything for the Quality & Safety of Project Implementation.

It certainly depends. If a Client could hire a really successful PM for an Implementation, they get more out of that single right move. But they also have to make sure that, that single move should not lead them to more destructive results.

Read Mark’s article here: Realistic Expectations: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Outside Project Managers for Implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP


Avoiding Sign-Off Hell – Mark Polino

I had seen this not long ago. And this article by Mark Polino should have come a bit earlier.

Read it: Avoiding Sign-Off Hell.

MUST READ for all Partners / Consultants.