GL With AA – IM2010 Integration – aagCreateGLWorkDist Error Message

This issue is quite frustrating. The issue happens with Integration Manager v2010 for GL Transaction With Analytical Accounting adapter.

I had to integrate a GL Entry with AA Apportionment information. I configured everything as it’s required. When I ran the integration, it thrown the below error message:

I had faced this error while doing my first such integration and to solve this error I used to setup the Destination Mapping for GL Transaction as follows:

Highlighted above are the settings that we require to do.

There was a Community Post which reported the same error. You can read that post from here: IM11 hit aagCreateGLWorkDist error.

Before I did this integration, I read the post and even replied saying the Destination Setup “Ledger ID” assignment would solve this issue. BUT, on a contrary, it does not solve this error at all.

I even went to the extent of modifying this Stored Procedure aaCreateGLWorkDist (AA Developers must spare me on this, as it was just to understand the root cause of this issue). I made sure that a NULL value was passed on to @LedgerID parameter. Even if you change the code inside this procedure to use ISNULL() and replace it with relevant integer value (for a trial), it still do not work that way.

So that means, either I am still missing something on IM Destination Mapping OR this is a bug in that Stored Procedure or whichever is calling this SP.

I would like to know from people who are/were using this IM Adapter for GL with AA transactions integration.

UPDATE: This issue has been taken up by Microsoft Dev Team and a fix will be made available soon. For more information on this, please read David Musgrave’s post here: Procedure or function ‘aagCreateGLWorkDist’ expects parameter ‘@LedgerID’, which was not supplied.



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