GP 2010 Mainstream Support Ends Soon

All GP customers, ISVs, VARs and consultants should bear in mind that GP 2010 mainstream support ends on October 13, 2015.

Extended support runs till 2020, however it is strongly advised to upgrade your GP to most recent version (or a higher version on which your other modules/add-ons are compatible with).

You may want to bookmark this complete support schedule on Microsoft’s portal: Microsoft Support Lifecycle – Dynamics GP.


Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications – Book By Leslie Vail


UPDATE: Author of this book, Leslie Vail, has got a post on her blog (Dynamics Confessor Blogspot). Link now added here to her own post: Published at last! Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications.

I had the privilege to be a part of the technical reviewing of this amazingly informative book: Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications.

This book is penned by one of the most experienced GP personality and multiple times MVP, Leslie Vail. Packt Publishing has published this book.

I strongly recommend this book to all GP developers/consultants who would like to know how to develop anything with regards to Dynamics GP; be it a new feature addition, a feature modification or just a cosmetic enhancement.

Thanks Leslie Vail for this wonderfully written book with every single important concept being covered.


OFF TOPIC: An Interesting Online Ordering System

I read this on The Daily WTF portal yesterday about an Online Ordering System and how it’s designed. Trust me, it’s going to take you completely by surprise. I won’t explain anything here; read it on their portal.

It’s worth blogging.


Google Drive is Live

Alright, this is an off-post. Certainly nothing to do with GP or anything even feebly related to GP.

Google Drive is live.

Google Drive is Google’s answer to Drop Box,, Skydrive, etc., which provides cloud storage facility. And since it’s Google, we do have that ability to share easily, G+ integration, searching abilities, etc.

It’s 5GB initially and can be upped to 25GB by paying as less as $2.50/month. (Microsoft Skydrive has opened up 25GB for FREE for a limited period).

One thing which I loved reading about Google Drive is the ability to go back in time. You read it on the official portal, link for which is given above.

Interesting stuff. Let’s wait and see how Google Drive is going to compete with all other players.


Microsoft Open Door (UAE) Event

It’s been an year since I had attended Microsoft TechEd Middle East in Dubai. And this time, we haven’t got any information about this event being held here.

But there is a two day event, starting from tomorrow i.e. 9th April 2012 and ends on 10th April 2012, which is called Microsoft Open Door. According to Microsoft:

Open Door is Microsoft’s premier technical education event aimed at offering technology professionals and decision makers the chance to explore and connect with a broad set of current and soon-to-be-released Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services.

Agenda for this 2 days event is quite interesting and promising to be an informative event overall.

I hope to meet and interact with people from this region and would like to share more information about Microsoft technologies and upcoming products.

See you all at this event tomorrow.


The Basics of Good Passwords

Njevity Blog has got a nice post, which is nothing to do with ERP alone. Yes, if you noted it, I have underlined the word ALONE.

For almost everything in our system or online, we need to have a password. And certainly your name, short name, spouse name, etc. cannot be a good password (oh I mean it seriously, even if it’s your spouse name).

So this post helps you in deciding how your password can be; NOT what your password should be.

The Basics of Good Passwords, written by Tudor Coleman, is certainly a good and informative read.


My Blog Domain Migration & Page Redirection

Dear All,

I have been working for couple of days to move my current blog,, to a new domain,

The new domain is still under design and customization, but I am currently working on testing blog redirection, which will take you readers from old blog post to a near/accurate page on the new blog.

During this time, you all may face issue(s). I must admit that I sincerely understand your frustration and I am working on minimizing that.

But I promise, the new blog design would certainly please you all once it is opened for public access.