20 Best Dynamics GP Blogs of 2016

I am delighted to see my blog, Dynamics GP – Learn & Discuss, listed as one of the 20 Best Dynamics GP Blogs of 2016.


Thank you so much, Rand Group, for honouring me with this. I feel even more responsible now to continue.



OFF-TOPIC: Batch Print Multiple Files in Mac OS X Without Opening Them – Jesse Chapman @jessechapman

One of my users use Mac OS X Mavericks and his major concern was to batch print files in a folder without opening each one of them. He somehow (?!?!?!) trusted my expertise in Mac OS to find a solution.

My best friend, Google, came to my rescue again. I got this gem of a post by Jesse Chapman (sorry Jesse, I tried getting a profile page of yours, but could only get your twitter page) on his blog wait, really? that saved my day.

Read it here: How to batch print multiple files in Mac OS X without opening them.

Though the post is for Mac OS Snow Leopard, it still works charmingly on Mavericks. Thanks a bunch, Jesse.

Upside; I am now considered an expert in Mac OS by at least one Mac user in this world :-D. Downside; I may get more support requests with Mac OS :-P.

But hey, I am not even complaining.


Back to Active Blogging

I had been almost nonexistent from Dynamics GP community for the past 5 months. For various reasons; some were compelling, but some were quite silly. I was off late busy with two things; my daughter’s schooling and my only passion (other than Dynamics GP) that is photography.

Down the lane, I just realized that I had been missing so many amazing things that were happening on Dynamics GP community. This lagness had taken me to oblivion.

My passion towards Dynamics GP had never died down. I am now back to active blogging and will be continuing with my knowledge sharing. I won’t let down my blog readers at any point of time and would continue to be a source of GP information, as much as I can.


Why consultants shouldn’t post Dynamics GP batches on a client’s system?

I second Christina’s point. Never ever, you consultant, post any transaction on a client’s system. Whatever it is. Be it correction entry or a backlog entry or a real time transaction or even a test entry to demo.

I learned that lesson very long back, around 5 years back, when I was in my infancy on consultancy. Like Christina, my lesson was also very bitter. And then, I never did that ever in my life.



My Blog Domain Migration & Page Redirection

Dear All,

I have been working for couple of days to move my current blog, vaidy-dyngp.com, to a new domain, vaidymohan.com.

The new domain is still under design and customization, but I am currently working on testing blog redirection, which will take you readers from old blog post to a near/accurate page on the new blog.

During this time, you all may face issue(s). I must admit that I sincerely understand your frustration and I am working on minimizing that.

But I promise, the new blog design would certainly please you all once it is opened for public access.


Dynamics GP Insights – From BKD Technologies

A new blog out there launched by BKD Technologies which is going to be a dedicated GP blog.

Check out: BKD GP Team Blog – Dynamics GP Insights.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Support And Services Blog

I am not going to introduce this blog, because that part is taken care by the first post in this new blog from Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Support And Services Blog, is from Microsoft Support Team catering various support and services topics of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Start following this blog for more critical information. Stay tuned.