List of Attractive BI Technologies from Microsoft

This was my second session today at Tech-Ed 2011 Middle East. Very interesting and demos were extremely useful to understand all the BI Technologies listed.

Now what exactly are we talking about? The session was all about listing the most promising (some are already existing) BI Tools running on top of either OR all of the following: SQL Server 2008 R2, SharePoint 2010, Silverlight.

The following are the list:

  1. SharePoint Excel Services
  2. PowerPivot Galleries
  3. PerformancePoint (Dashboards, Scorecards & KPIs)
  4. PowerPivot for SharePoint
  5. Pivot Tool – based on Silverlight
  6. Bing Data Connector – To show geospatial data
  7. SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services (Report Builder)

Each of them will take it’s own time to allow user to understand the basics. I let my readers to BING or GOOGLE these terminologies and learn it.

But, the above list is what Microsoft concentrates more on currently to let users create the most attractive BI for them.



Project Crescent – Beyond SSRS Reporting Tool

I must be following SQL Server Reporting Services Team Blog for loads of information and all that “What’s Coming Up?”.

Attending an evening session in Tech-Ed 2011 Middle East, and this is what I got to know which had been in fact announced some months back.

For those, who do not know about this (like me till this moment), this is the information. Project Crescent is a project currently on progress inside MSFT, which targets every kind of user, be it IT Developer or Corporate Power User or a No-Nonsense End-User) to visualize their Business Data; however they want it to be.

More information here: A Glimpse at Project Crescent.


Introducing SQL Server 2008 R2 – Reference Available for Limited Period

Microsoft has given us a limited period free availability of SQL Server 2008 R2 Features Introduction reference.

You can download this reference from the path:

And for more details on this offer: