Changing Account Format for Chart of Accounts in GP – Dynamics GP Support Services Blog

Nicely written post by Andrea Melroe on Microsoft Dynamics GP Support and Services blog.

If anyone has got any doubt about how to change the Chart of Accounts (COA) format and what are the things to understand on this process, read this post: Is it possible to change the account format for the chart of accounts in GP?

It’s highly elaborative and easy to understand.



Prevent Users from Keying Incorrect Document Dates in GP 2010

Awesome tool and I would say, its need of the hour.

Now, I read this post on Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Blog on a tool that comes with Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) to Prevent Users from Keying Incorrect Document Dates in GP 2010.

But unfortunately, scope of this tool is limited to following transaction entries:

  1. Payables Transaction Entry
  2. Receivables Transaction Entry
  3. Invoice Entry
  4. PM Manual Payment Entry
  5. SOP Entry
  6. IV Transaction Entry
  7. Cash Receipts Entry

I would have expected this to have even more reach, especially on POP side. Today, just today, I received a bunch of PO Invoices being posted on a wrong date. I would have loved to have this tool on my environment had this covered much more types of transactions.

However, this is still very good than reinventing this by developers or partners.


PSTL is now available (FREE) on PartnerSource

Dynamics GP Support Blog confirms that the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) is now available for all, free of cost.

BUT, all Customers should contact their Partners to get this tool. Once installed, it would generate the registration key by default and you are good to use it.

PSTL has been a great tool with top notch features to solve real time issues. With this becoming free to use, customers should make use of this.


Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) is Free Now

Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) is a sweet bunch of amazing tools that would be any GP Consultant/Administrator’s delight.

Want to change a wrongly coded item? PSTL

Want to change a Fiscal Period and automatically rearrange historical data? PSTL

There are much more. But this was not a free suite, TILL NOW. Microsoft has released this suite for all customers free of charge.

It’s either available on GP media or CustomerSource. Go ahead and have some fun.