Microsoft Open Door Day 1

Got myself registered and here I’m having a preview of some of MSFT’s upcoming technologies including SQL Server 2012.


More to update…



Microsoft Open Door (UAE) Event

It’s been an year since I had attended Microsoft TechEd Middle East in Dubai. And this time, we haven’t got any information about this event being held here.

But there is a two day event, starting from tomorrow i.e. 9th April 2012 and ends on 10th April 2012, which is called Microsoft Open Door. According to Microsoft:

Open Door is Microsoft’s premier technical education event aimed at offering technology professionals and decision makers the chance to explore and connect with a broad set of current and soon-to-be-released Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services.

Agenda for this 2 days event is quite interesting and promising to be an informative event overall.

I hope to meet and interact with people from this region and would like to share more information about Microsoft technologies and upcoming products.

See you all at this event tomorrow.