Dynamic Future – Vote: Resize the Left Pane on Smartlist

Mark highlights the Smartlist Left Pane curse (what else do you say if you see half of your screen is occupied by the Smartlist Favorites tree view and only half being allotted for results?) and a suggestion that was made by Sivakumar V.

The Connect suggestion post can be seen here: GP Smartlist Window Splitter to be made resizable.

But when I see this suggestion, it says Resolved:

So that means, is it going to be available on next release? Or on GP2013?

Nevertheless, visit the portal and vote for it.



Dynamic Future – Vote: Reprint Outstanding Check Prints Report from Bank Reconciliation

Third feature feedback introduced by Mark Polino on his blog; vote for Reprint Outstanding Check Prints report from Bank Reconciliation.


Dynamic Future – Vote a Feature on Microsoft Connect

Mark Polino, after his uber-successful ways of informing the community about many things in Microsoft Dynamics GP, has found one more brilliant way to hook us on to Microsoft Connect (portal where we can voice our feedback about a Microsoft product).

It’s simply this: Every Tuesday, Mark would link us to a feature feedback on Microsoft Connect portal, which require Dynamics GP End Users/Consultants/Developers to vote for it, so it would be worked upon by Microsoft and would get released on subsequent major releases of this product.

Starting with May 1st, 2012, he has already pointed out two features that cry for our attention and vote:

May 1st, 2012: Unit Account should have the option to clear at Year End

May 8th, 2012: Management Reporter should allow each column to have it’s own current rate

And many more to come.

Stay tuned to his blog for future Dynamic Future posts.