Victoria Yudin’s Book – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation – My Humble Views

To Victoria:

1. Congrats Victoria for coming up with such a treasure. It’s your sheer excellence written all over this book.
2. Thanks so much for sharing your abundant experience in GP.
3. All the best for a great year 2011; for this book to be fast selling one among Dynamics GP books, for this book to be on all Consultants’ hands and for much more books from you to us.

What’s special about this Book?

This book stands out from other “How to implement … blah blah” books on several factors:

1. Content – It does not dive into each and every trivial step involved in a TYPICAL implementation. Instead, it takes you thru’ some of the unimagined concepts including; GP Application Structure, SQL Server interaction with GP Application, GP Application Technologies, et al.

Very importantly; Recommendations on how to form your Implementation Team (Customers & Implementors), Planning Infrastructure for GP Environment, Studying Business Requirements practically, et al.

2. Structuring of Content – What’s the use of a book having a great content, but lack in the flow of it? This book teaches many out there on how to structure your thoughts on a book.

This book practically walks us thru’ a GP Implementation. It starts with telling us What’s GP 2010 Application is all about and ends with Training & Add-On Tools for GP 2010; without forgetting to take us thru’ Integration Manager for Initial GP Data Integration. NOPE, it does not teach us how to use Integration Manager to the detail of each and every Field Mapping involved. But it gives you ample knowledge in what you must expect with respect to Basic & Necessary Data Integration in GP2010.

By the time you finish reading Appendices, you would feel like you have personally implemented GP on a Customer’s site. No exaggeration when I meant it, absolutely.

3. Victoria’s Experience – I bought this book for just one single reason: Victoria’s Experience. It’s just not mere luck or coincidence of her grabbing hold of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for a record 7th Straight year.

It takes immense efforts to write a book, which must make sense to appropriate audience. It takes time, energy, thoughts, efforts and almost everything that you possess. This in addition to what you MUST do as part of your day to day job. And pulling off such a book, is great. Simply great.

4. Audience of this Book – This book is intended to anyone (I insist, ANYONE) who wants to sincerely implement Dynamics GP 2010. All we have to possess is some SQL Server knowledge to understand the Application Interaction and some Accounting Basics. Even if you are a newbie to Dynamics GP 2010, you can proudly announce the world that you have learned GP 2010 Implementation, after sincerely reading this book.

If I am an experienced Consultant / Implementor, and I feel like Ahh come on, why do I need a book? I have already done more than 10 realtime implementations, then trust me, I do have something in this book to learn. And I won’t complain after (reading it).

Where to get this Book?

Get yourself this book from Packt Publications, link: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation – By Victoria Yudin.


Most importantly, remember to thank Victoria for sharing her experience and expertise with us. This book surely is a treasure for all of us.



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