Microsoft Dynamics GP 12: Multi-Tenant Architecture

Though it’s too late for me to write about this post by Mariano, it’s always Better Late Than Never for me.

I am not going to discuss this post here. I am just creating a pointer to this article here, since it’s worth to go to Mariano’s site and read it there.

The post, Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” Named System Database Architecture, explains us what this new feature is and how it is going to be designed. Benefits and challenges are discussed as well.

Bottomline: With this new architecture, customers and consultants are going to be delighted. GP 12 is going to be just terrific. There are challenges as pointed out in the last paragraph but will be met with ease by those dependable brains.

Thank you so much Mariano for sharing this first hand information.



Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Web Client Architecture Series – Mariano

Mariano walks us thru’ Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” Web Client Architecture in his new series of posts.

Two posts are already up and there for us to read. One (which is also the final one) is shortly coming. Needless to say, all 3 are very informative.

Those who have not visited these posts, don’t miss it.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client – Teaser Articles

Matt Landis shows us a great glimpse of Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client. Awesome to see GP’s future.

Following image is from Mariano’s blog article, Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011: Day 2 Morning:

The web client seems to be getting developed using Microsoft Silverlight. There are much more news and announcements to come from Convergence 2011.

Trust me, it’s gonna be fun in an year from now with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" To Have For Support Mac Computers

** Excellent news from David. Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” to have support for Mac Computers.

Exciting to say the least. And I am dying to see GP “12” feature additions and enhancements.


This was an APRIL FOOL DAY’s post from our beloved David Musgrave. Alright I did not know that in first place. I was damn so excited that it didn’t strike my mind.

David, you caught me there.