Where is my Custom Reminder window to add reminders to my GP home page?

I was reported with a very vague issue: user could not create a custom reminder from a smartlist. He received an error message as follows:


Basically, below is the window which user is trying to open:


Ideally, you would think that this window is a part of Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary. But it is NOT. It is a part of Smartlist dictionary.

But trick here is, you cannot see this window listed on when you try to assign this window a particular Security Task using Security Task Setup window. Then, how? How would I give access to this window?

After around an hour or so, with several script logs and profilers misleading me, I found one interesting statement on SQL Profiler trace, that was executed when the user tried opening that window:


Exactly after this SQL statement, the above error message was thrown at the user. Which means, I must focus my troubleshooting efforts on this table; DYNAMICS..SY10000. This table is simply called User Security.

When user tried to open Custom Reminder window, system checked this table and see whether this user has got access to a window whose resource ID is 1452 in dictionary 0 (which is nothing but product Microsoft Dynamics GP) inside company ID 1 (which is my production GP company).

I was always thinking about something in Smartlist (which is, without any doubt), but system was checking something else in a different dictionary altogether. I wanted to see the window in Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary which is of resource ID 1452. Opened the DYNAMICS.DIC on Dexterity and checked it, only to realise with disbelief that it was referring to following window:


I did not understand first. Why would it check something totally irrelevant from what user wanted to open? Why would it check access to this window, when opening a window in different dictionary? I have no answer to these questions.

But I just thought I would take a chance. I checked this user’s security task setup and found that Reminders window was not assigned. I assigned that window for this user as shown below:


Tested whether he could open Custom Reminder. To my utter disbelief, IT DID.

So, if somebody is facing same issue and has already lost almost all your hair, here you have, a solution that would bring upon peace.



GP 2013 Home Page (Re)Design Horrors

Well, I could understand what you might think after reading the title of this post AND if you had read my previous post on GP 2013 Home Page Redesign.

I did admit that the redesign was kind of great for users. Ian Grieve had commented back with an important #FAIL factor of this redesign.

With that #FAIL factor, I just got one more to crib about. So lets list it:

  • You cannot scroll within a frame. You MUST rely on mouse clicks(or a trackpad). You have no other option. (Thanks Ian, for your feedback with this point).

UPDATE (GP2013 SP1): Looks like this one’s fixed. You can indeed scroll within a frame using a standard mouse scroll wheel or a trackpad’s scrolling functionality. It’s a welcome fix.

  • If you ever want to realign the frames of a module (for instance Manufacturing), you can. But wait, that would stay ONLY TILL THAT SESSION IS ACTIVE. Once you log out from GP and log on back, your realignment is gone. Poof!!!

I am sure it is going to be highly irritating for users who rely mostly on GP home page.

And with that above statement, I now reverse my opinion on my first post.


Field Service Setup Menu in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Has anyone noticed a subtle but highly logical change in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 menu structure?

Field Service Setup menu was grouped under Project till GP 2010. The path to access Service, Return, Contract setup menus was Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Tools -> Setup -> Project; which quite honestly did not make any sense. You are accessing Field Service setup, but from under the name Project…!?!?!?!?!?

Good folks at MSFT (and/or original developers of Field Service) might have sensed it, so now the setup menu items are logically structured under Field Service.


I am happy to say the least. Because, if you want to access Field Service setup windows from GP home page, it was not possible till GP 2013. Now that’s also been fixed.

Small change, but a BIG difference it has made. Thanks MSFT & Field Service Team, for this.


GP2013 Module Homepage Redesigned

Another important and notable change that we have in GP 2013 is the module homepage being amazingly redesigned, much to users’ delight.

GP2013 Module Homepage Redesigned


As compared to previous versions of GP (from 9), what you will see here is the complete menu without any collapse/expand functionality, but with a scrolling option within that small rectangle frame; which means you don’t have to scroll to the bottom of GP itself, but just scroll down within that frame, so you don’t have to scroll up/down to access other frames.

If you are trying to open Receivables Batches, I just have to scroll down on Transactions frame. When I am done, I won’t have to scroll up/down again to reach out to open Receivables Statements.

Cool, isn’t it? If you are heavy user of modules homepage for your day-to-day tasks, this is going to increase your productivity most certainly.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 – Report Builder Integration

The latest Feature of the Day from Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP gives us a glimpse of what is going to be a terrific feature for all customers.

All Homepage Metrics dashboards are SSRS reports on the background. And I used to wonder how I could customize that to cater for Customer’s requirements. The new feature, Report Builder Integration, is going to be a boon to all such consultants (and of course for all customers) to view Metrics Dashboards accordingly to their own likes and dislikes.

For more information, read the post; Feature of the Day: Report Builder Integration.


Gross Profit Metrics – Daoud’s Article & Important Additional Note

I just started working on implementing certain key graphs for the Management Team. The first and foremost tryst was GP10 Home Page Metrics and if it does not cater for our requirements, I thought I would look out for external tools and developments.

First and foremost Metric that I tried was Gross Profit for the Past 12 Months. This was always showing ZERO Sales, but proper COGS for each period. We have already crossed 3 Fiscal Periods and I was quite confident that something is wrong with the Metric. How would you trust this graph when it shows you ZERO Sales for all Fiscal Periods?

Probing further to understand this graph, I read the article from Daoud, which explains the logic behind Gross Profit calculation for past 12 months. Thanks Daoud for this brilliant article.

That article was just a Direction Pointer for me, but I had to work on why my Sales always shown ZERO. In that article, Daoud explained to us to take the Account Category SALES and then list out the Account Summary information for each period in the Smartlist.

I did and it returned no records. Only then I remembered that we have customized the Account Category Numbers for Sales Account. The category was created as SALES INCOME. But for COGS Account, we have used the default COGS Account Category provided by GP. That’s why our Sales Figures were going down the ZERO mark on the Chart for all periods.

While Metrics does work for most of the customers, those who have customized their Account Categories have to bear the brunt of not able to use Metrics.

Bottomline: Metrics work only for default Account Categories provided by GP and does not consider the Custom Account Categories.


Home Page Metrics Error in GP2010 & Resolution – Janakiram MP

With GP 2010 going great guns and people have started implementing it everywhere, we are bound to have bits and pieces of issues here and there.

Janakiram MP explains one such error, Unable to connect to the Home Page Metrics URL, resolution given as well.

Those who are implementing GP 2010, please do read this.