David Musgrave Leaves Microsoft – Launches Winthrop Development Consultants

Yes and it’s not an April Fool post. It’s October, for god’s sake.

This morning, David Musgrave announced his departure from Microsoft officially to all of us and reasons behind this move. Sad to see Microsoft’s recent strategies that includes (but not limited to) removing Dynamics GP certifications, laying off 14% of total workforce, etc.

Good News: he has relaunched Winthrop Development Consultants, which was earlier Winthrop Dexterity Consultants. He is staying with Dynamics GP community. We will continue to see his blog posts on GP development on his new blog address: Winthrop Development Consultants Blog.

David, in my humble opinion, it’s good this way. And it is most certainly a huge and irreparable loss to Microsoft. Welcome back to the world outside Microsoft.

If there is one thing that cannot be changed by anyone or anything: you will always be my foremost inspiration.

Wish you all the best…!



Refresh Application Navigation – Support Debugging Tool (SDT)

Are you serious about your Dynamics GP as ERP and are you serious about retaining it till GP becomes completely irrelevant to your business requirements? Contact your partner NOW and get Support Debugging Tool (SDT).

Let me come to the topic now. Earlier, before SDT happened to all of us, when I created a menu item using Extender, I had to restart GP to get this new menu item effected. What’s there in that? It’s something common in GP, isn’t it?

How about creating a menu item using Extender, but instead of restarting GP, just click on an option to get this new menu item immediately effected? Magic? Nope, it’s a reality now. With Support Debugging Tool (SDT), you can.

Open Security Profiler of SDT, and select the menu item Refresh Application Navigation, as shown in below screenshot:



This does exactly what happens when you log on to a company. Cool, isn’t it?

Now, reach out to your partner (if you are a customer) OR download this gem from above SDT portal link (if you are a developer/consultant/partner) and install it on your customers’ GP environment.

This post is to show you a very simple yet tremendously useful feature of SDT. Trust me, there are hundreds of such terrific features available in SDT which will ease your life and earn you reputation as smart consultant.

Find time to appreciate the people who made this SDT possible (and made it a FREE tool for all); David Musgrave & Team. There is a voting going on DynamicsWorld to select Top 100 Influential Microsoft Dynamics People and David’s on page 4. Go ahead and vote for him. Without him and his team, Dynamics GP would be just a mere ERP product, like any other.