GP 2013 Web Client – More Insight From David

With more and more excitement being felt on GP 2013 Web Client, David gives us some more insight on this and more.

The post, Microsoft Convergence 2012 – GPPC Games and Web Client, explains the good things and also the limitations of Web Client in its first version.

This post, therefore, is very important for developers and consultants to gear up for this awesome client and understand what they must do to get the existing GP environments to work on the new release post upgrade.

Thanks David for the all important post. It was really crucial for us to understand.



Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client – Tidbit

Well, this one is surely a delight for me personally, because I am a die hard Dexterity Developer and I always had and will recommend any customization to be on Dexterity.

I am currently watching Convergence 2012 virtual session named “The Road to Microsoft Dynamics GP ’12′”and got this snapshot which is self-explanatory:

I took this snapshot as is from the virtual session.

Recently I converted all our existing VBA customizations (critical ones) to Dexterity and now this news. Those who were preaching against Dexterity and predicted it’s doomsday, please change your mindset at least from now.