My Blog Theme Experiments

I have been testing and trying a lot of themes for my blog. For the past one month, I would have changed almost 10 themes. All of that is purely because of keeping my blog plain and simple to read.

I request all my blog readers to bear with me till I finalise a theme soon. If someone do not like any theme or like any one, please immediately contact me with your feedback using “Contact” form on my blog.

Thank you so much all for your continued support and interest on my blog.



Back to Active Blogging

I had been almost nonexistent from Dynamics GP community for the past 5 months. For various reasons; some were compelling, but some were quite silly. I was off late busy with two things; my daughter’s schooling and my only passion (other than Dynamics GP) that is photography.

Down the lane, I just realized that I had been missing so many amazing things that were happening on Dynamics GP community. This lagness had taken me to oblivion.

My passion towards Dynamics GP had never died down. I am now back to active blogging and will be continuing with my knowledge sharing. I won’t let down my blog readers at any point of time and would continue to be a source of GP information, as much as I can.


Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 Most Famous, Awesome & Totally Influence People for 2012

Ahhh… How does it feel when you don’t even dream to be even nominated on one Top Influential People list, but win a place in another?

I feel heavenly. I have made it to Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL Most Famous, Awesome & Totally Influence People for 2012. That’s second year on the row.

I’m thrilled.


Taking A Much Needed Break

As you all know by now, I have not been active on my blogging due to a very stringent schedule for past 5 months. And I had been burning my energy for past 2 years without a halt.

Now, I am extremely happy and relieved to have got a much needed break from work and will be going on a vacation for a month from now. I am excited enough to get in touch with my native country and my people. There is long schedule for the next one month; no escape from that. But that’s going to be ALL PERSONAL. Meeting people, visiting places, attending functions. I badly need it.

Does not mean that I will not be keeping touch with Dynamics GP. 🙂 I will certainly be reading all posts from fellow bloggers and will be updating myself with happenings.

Once I am back from my vacation, I assure I would be a hungry soul and be posting on my blog as frequently as it had never been.