Dynamics GP Developer Insights – Series of Posts on Developing For Dynamics GP

Brian Roney and his team at Microsoft (Dynamics GP Technical Division) is going to post series of articles which will enlighten us on what’s been going on with Dynamics GP development.

Series titled as Dynamics GP Developer Insights.

GP developers across world, stay tuned for a brilliant series.



Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client – David shares more information

Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client – Teaser Articles

Matt Landis shows us a great glimpse of Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client. Awesome to see GP’s future.

Following image is from Mariano’s blog article, Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011: Day 2 Morning:

The web client seems to be getting developed using Microsoft Silverlight. There are much more news and announcements to come from Convergence 2011.

Trust me, it’s gonna be fun in an year from now with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" To Have For Support Mac Computers

** Excellent news from David. Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” to have support for Mac Computers.

Exciting to say the least. And I am dying to see GP “12” feature additions and enhancements.


This was an APRIL FOOL DAY’s post from our beloved David Musgrave. Alright I did not know that in first place. I was damn so excited that it didn’t strike my mind.

David, you caught me there.

The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP Technologies – Mariano

Mariano highlights 5 coolest technologies for Microsoft Dynamics GP in coming years to watch out for. I can’t agree for more, since I am already seeing 3 of the highlighted 5 currently.

Just to list you those technologies:

1. Microsoft Lync
2. Microsoft Silverlight
3. Microsoft Visual Studio Lightswitch
4. Cloud Computing
5. Microsoft Dexterity (yeah you did hear it right)

And to know why the above are cool, check out his post: The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP: 5 Cool Technologies You Should Watch For (and Learn) in the Coming Years


Microsoft Dynamics GP is very much here to Stay

Today, I had another opportunity to attend one of Microsoft’s high rated event, Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Event. I have been fortunate to attend such events off late and I sincerely hope I will be in future as well.

What’s the highlight of this event? Elcome International LLC, with whom I have been proudly associated with for the past 1.7 years, presented Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Customer Testimony. Mr.Jimmy Grewal, Executive Director, Elcome International LLC, briefed about Elcome’s GP experience and future plans.

Is that all? Nope. There is one more information that I would like to share with you all from this event. Specifically, for those who predict a doomsday for GP and it’s future, with all due respect, I would like to assure you that GP IS HERE TO STAY AND MICROSOFT IS IN NO MOOD TO DISCONTINUE WITH GP. This was mentioned by none other than Microsoft MBS Product Manager (Gulf), Mr.Ahmed Salama.

There is an interesting statistic which I would like to share and emphasis on my point: Microsoft Dynamics is having 1500 customers in GCC region excluding Egypt, North Africa and Saudi Arabia. Out of these 1500 customers, 40% is for Microsoft Dynamics GP. That calculates to 600 customers. These 600 customers include some of the high profile customers including Elcome International LLCIf we consider overall customers count across this vast globe, Microsoft has more reasons to support this product than abandoning it. 

Even us, human beings, have limited lifetime. We still enjoy our life and we live it to it’s fullest, don’t we? Like that, I love this wonderful product called Dynamics GP and I AM IN NO DARN MOOD TO LEAVE THIS PRODUCT.