Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client – Teaser Articles

Matt Landis shows us a great glimpse of Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client. Awesome to see GP’s future.

Following image is from Mariano’s blog article, Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2011: Day 2 Morning:

The web client seems to be getting developed using Microsoft Silverlight. There are much more news and announcements to come from Convergence 2011.

Trust me, it’s gonna be fun in an year from now with Microsoft Dynamics GP.



Failed To Create Object – OLE Error due to Adobe Reader X

Something seems to be amiss with Adobe Reader X and Dynamics GP. Yesterday we upgraded Adobe Reader to version X on our Terminal Server, where our Dynamics GP application resides.

Till then, users were able to attach PDF files to GP records using OLE Object Container. But post upgrade, all users are facing the following error message whenever they try to attach a PDF file or view an existing PDF attachment:

Looks like I am not the only one to face this issue. There is a community forum post which raises the same question. Link to that post: Errors when opening or creating PDF OLE Attachments in Dynamics GP notes.
Not sure how to resolve this at the moment, other than retaining older version of Adobe Reader.

Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" To Have For Support Mac Computers

** Excellent news from David. Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” to have support for Mac Computers.

Exciting to say the least. And I am dying to see GP “12” feature additions and enhancements.


This was an APRIL FOOL DAY’s post from our beloved David Musgrave. Alright I did not know that in first place. I was damn so excited that it didn’t strike my mind.

David, you caught me there.

The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP Technologies – Mariano

Mariano highlights 5 coolest technologies for Microsoft Dynamics GP in coming years to watch out for. I can’t agree for more, since I am already seeing 3 of the highlighted 5 currently.

Just to list you those technologies:

1. Microsoft Lync
2. Microsoft Silverlight
3. Microsoft Visual Studio Lightswitch
4. Cloud Computing
5. Microsoft Dexterity (yeah you did hear it right)

And to know why the above are cool, check out his post: The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP: 5 Cool Technologies You Should Watch For (and Learn) in the Coming Years


Last Sale By a Customer & Item – Victoria’s SQL View

Victoria‘s latest SQL view retrieves the last sale by customer and an item. With little tweaks here and there, this SQL view will serve us immensely to show various information pertaining to Customer and/or Item sales.

Thanks Victoria for this view. This has come especially when I am working on some dashboards and reporting. It’s surely going to help me deriving some important reports.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 – Business Portal External Lists

Looks like an excellent feature addition. So far, we had to rely on Extranet Services for any edit from Business Portal. This Business Portal External Lists feature now fills that gap. We have to wait and see how much we can do using this External Lists.

Errol introduces this feature to us on recent Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP post.

GP 2010 R2 – Substitute Fields for Email

This is going to be another interesting feature. Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP announces another feature added to GP 2010 R2, which is Substitute Fields for Email.

Of course, this is going to be a boon to End Users, but let me also add that this would not be possible till someone knows about how to browse thru’ and learn GP Fields and the way it is designed. Which puts them in front of a whole new training session.

The very concept of Resource Descriptions in GP is to educate Users to learn about GP Tables, Forms, Windows & Fields, so that they can do some on-spot Reporting or Windows modification. Having said that, not all End-Users are going to be interested in this learning experience, especially when they are suppose to concentrate on their day-to-day tasks.

Nonetheless, this is going to be one heck of a feature to look at.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 – 50+ New SSRS Reports

Yeah, we heard it right. We are going to have 50+ new SSRS Reports.

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP excites us with this post: Feature of the Day: New SQL Reporting Services Reports.

I am more interested in knowing Field Service Reports, since that’s where GP lacks a bit in terms of realtime reporting. I sincerely hope R2 fills that gap to most extent. Of course, requirements from different customers would always be different.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 – Report Builder Integration

The latest Feature of the Day from Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP gives us a glimpse of what is going to be a terrific feature for all customers.

All Homepage Metrics dashboards are SSRS reports on the background. And I used to wonder how I could customize that to cater for Customer’s requirements. The new feature, Report Builder Integration, is going to be a boon to all such consultants (and of course for all customers) to view Metrics Dashboards accordingly to their own likes and dislikes.

For more information, read the post; Feature of the Day: Report Builder Integration.


Dynamics GP 2010 R2 – Features List is Out

Mariano, in yet another terrific post shows us the first report on list of Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Features.

Awesome list of features being added and I have already started preparing my own plan of actions once it’s out.