Dynamics GP 2010 – Microsoft Dynamics Online Connect

Consultants, Partners have started testing BETA and coming up with lot of interesting features found.

I would also give you information on one more very interesting new feature, which is “Microsoft Dynamics Online Connect” directly on your Dynamics GP Home Page. Do you want information from any Blog(s), CustomerSource or any related sites? This new feature will direct you right from Microsoft Dynamics GP Home Page.

Here is what Microsoft has to say about this feature:

The Microsoft Dynamics GP home page hosts Microsoft Dynamics Online Connect. Connect displays a series of slides that makes the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics Business Ready Enhancement Plan easy to find and have access to. The slides allow you to perform self-help support, get information, and perform training from the Microsoft Dynamics GP home page.

Connect is available to all users on the home page and is specific to each user’s home page role. CustomerSource access is based on your Business Ready Enhancement Plan.

How is it going to look in Dynamics GP 2010? Just wait for some more time till we get official Customer Release.



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