Dynamics GP 2010 – Features I am looking at

There are massive improvements in Dynamics GP 2010. It’s too early for me to know Functional changes. But I am very eager to know the following:

1. Collaboration with Microsoft Office 2010 (Word Forms & Report Templates).
2. Business Intelligence (Sharepoint, Analysis Services, Excel Pivot, etc.).
3. Lookup Enhancements (Setting Default Lookup criteria).
4. Email Functionality (For important documents directly from GP).

And much more…

I am excited, to say the least.



10 thoughts on “Dynamics GP 2010 – Features I am looking at

  1. Hi Vaidy, my name is Craig and I am a Senior Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultant working for a Dynamics Partner, Eclipse Computing, in Australia. I have been tasked to investigate the new GP 2010 functionality. I have installed the Beta version off Partnersource but am unable to get the new Word Template functionality to work. Have you done any testing yourself and if so, perhaps you could enlighten me on how to get this Word Template functionality to work.


  2. Hi,For sending the Sales Order/Invoice through Email, i had given the email id for the customer in the Customer Maintenance Options window. Now, for sending any Sales Order through email in the SOP Entry window, again i need to give the email id in the SOP Entry window at the time of entering the transactions. The problem is, the email id is not defaulted from the Customer Master.Please clarify whether i am missing something or this is a bug?Thanks,Prakash


  3. Hi, @Above: Yes you are correct, it defaults from the internet information window. But what is the use of the Email related fields in the Customer Maintenance Options window?Thanks,Prakash


  4. Prakash,This is a very good query. Let's think about this scenario:There is a Customer which is an Organization. We are Vendors for them, catering for it's various divisions. There may be more than one Contact to that Customer and anyone can send us a quote and confirm it for invoicing. GP takes the Email ID from these Contact's Internet Information setup and send Sales Document.Now, the Customer's Management asks us a Statement and we have to consolidate the Documents pertaining to the period that the Customer wishes. This information is irrespective of Divisions and requires to be sent to Email ID which is setup for this Customer directly (not any contact).That's the reason Customer Maintenance Option contains Customer Statement Email ID setup.I guess that answers your query.Vaidy


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