All about zDP, Resource Info and VSTools LineFill

Guys, David is certainly at his blogging spree I believe and we are left with 3 valuable articles. The articles are in the following sequence:

1. zDP Stored Procedures (fondly called Dex Auto Procs) are the backbone of Dexterity table operations. Each “get table”, “save table”, “remove table”, “range table” statement lives with at least one zDP stored procedure. David starts with the evolution of GP Table operations and then the necessity of zDP procedures and then finally comprehensive information on each zDP notations. While “how Dex commands are in turn calls a zDP proc” is still a mystery for me, I did learn a lot from this article about zDP_s. Please do read this article on: What do the zDP_ Auto Generated Stored Procedures do?.

2. Finding all the necessary information on GP Tables & Resources, is a bit of menace of beginners and sometimes even for a Novice Dex Programmer. For those guys, this article is a “Dex”ipedia in itself. While this has been already gathered and written on Steve’s, Victoria’s and Mark’s blogs, this article does a consolidation of all with even more references to look out for. This article also advises us to refer “What, When and Where”. Original Link: Finding Table and Field Information in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

3. VSTools were literally the last option for most of the developers due to various incompatibility with Dynamics GP and honestly the complex coding involved. One of the major issues, was the Scrolling Window accessibility (atleast a simulation of sorts). And even precisely, filling the Scrolling Windows from VSTools coding. This article is a MUST READ, as it covers almost all the details of LineFill event in VSTools for Scrolling Windows, except the Syntax and other techincal details. I am a strong believer in understanding the concepts of any tool, scope of it and limitations. This article will enlighten us in that aspect. Original Link: Visual Studio Tools LineFill Events.

For Beginners, Novice and even Experts, these 3 articles are “The References” to look out for.

There is a word from Mariano on his blog, which I would like to stress once again: “The only reward we get from blogging — besides sharing our knowledge — is to know that you are following and enjoying these articles as much as we enjoy writing them.”.

Very true. The ultimate reward for someone who shares his/her knowledge with everyone, is to know that the knowledge shared reached the right people in the right spirit and that it’s helpful to improve our own skills.

I am desiring for more such articles in future from David and Team.



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