VBA, Menus for VSTD & desSPRkmhBBCreh

I was out of action for couple of days, down with cold and fever. But never really missed out the recent articles from David & Mariano. And once I read this article from David, I could not hold myself back from entering some more words about this rare piece of information.

First: Mariano has shared a tremendously important exploration with VBA & Menus for Visual Studio Tools, that has given a whole new dimension to the customizations and a proof to what VBA can do. And most importantly, using something which has been released as a tool is different from exploring the tool itself. I learned it from this article. Thanks so much Mariano for sharing such a rare kind of exploration and enlightening me. People, read his article from here: Using Menus for Visual Studio Tools from VBA – Calling native VBA forms.

Next: David again. Sharing this very interesting piece of information, which quite honestly, I was wondering to know about. “desSPRkmhBBCreh” was something which initially drove me crazily and then I left it as IT IS, did not even bothered to look out on the web. Now,the details are out for us to refer, I would now live in peace when I take DEXSQL logs. Original link to this article: What is Column desSPRkmhBBCreh?

Now, I would also like to add another piece of information to this: You can also see this field name very commonly in SQL Profiles (SQL Profile Traces). I have seen this field on most of the TEMP table calls.

Well, time’s up to do some hardcore R&D with GP.

Bye for now.


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