A Serious Error during VBA Event

This was asked by Shankar, one of my colleagues in ZSL. He has been struggling with this error and has not yet been successful in even finding the cause. I am briefing the issue below (Original Post Link: http://www.microsoft.com/Businesssolutions/Community/Newsgroups/dgbrowser/en-us/default.mspx?dg=microsoft.public.dynamics.gp.developer&mid=69071664-24fd-4be3-8bd6-bcc45849075b):

There is a VBA customization done on Project Accounting Vendor Maintenance screen. Coded on the local machine, OS of which is Windows XP Pro SP2. Created a package and deployed it on a GP Server, OS of which is Windows Server 2003 Standard. Now, first time it worked merrily. Something happened (I mean it, some damn thing happened) and CRAP. It throws this message “A serious error occurred during a VBA event.”. That’s it. Nothing else. When I tried debugging this, it is not even entering into any of the Events on which he had written the code. Like, on VendorID CHANGE, there is a code, but it does not even enter this code. No idea, why and from where this error message is popping up.

Well, it’s eluding me as well. Constantly checking the forums, googling the sites. Anyone who crack this issue, they deserve a special appreciation (and a cup of Champagne).

So why don’t you guys start doing some exercise?


3 thoughts on “A Serious Error during VBA Event

  1. Well, I could not crack this out till now. This error did not come on any other machine so I cannot rule out a machine (and its OS) based cause.To be very honest, I am quite baffled to see this error and more than that it is really frustrating that I could not even get the reason for it.Vaidy


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