Major Roadblocks involving VSTools for Dyn GP

There are quite a few major issues which prevent VSTools from being the 1st priority to develop Customizations for Dynamics GP.

The below are the list, to my knowledge:

  1. Menu Integrity issue – We cannot add the VS forms to the Standard GP Menus.
  2. Scrolling Window – Most of the developers do not agree with this point, but I would still add this. Scrolling window is one of the best control we have in Dex, considering the functionality of the same. The very idea of embedding a Table on a grid and performing the operations, is a true delight for developers. VSTools certainly miss this rare control.
  3. Table Integrity and DB Connectivity – Since we use Table Buffers in Dex, we are assured that we perform our operations safely. That will be a drawback in VSTools, as we have to deal with SQL tables directly. We would certainly miss “copy from … to …” statements.
  4. Cannot perform critical processes such as Posting. We can write a code to create GJ or an Invoice or a PO etc. But we cannot rely on VSTools to post any Trx. Such critical routines would still be called from Dex, which limits the scope of VSTools.

All said, VSTools is still a HOT favorite among developers, as they do not have to learn Dex (I have heard fresh GP Developers cursing the syntaxes and the way the code is written, especially the Scrolling Window… Can’t help it…).

.NET is going to be the core framework for all MS applications. Having said that, I am pretty sure, things will be the same for GP and related technologies as well.

BUT, if anyone ask me DEX or .NET, then I would certainly declare DEX.

How about you guys?


3 thoughts on “Major Roadblocks involving VSTools for Dyn GP

  1. My first preference for GP customization is DEX only.At the same time i always welcome for the latest technology. I can share some occurance happend recently. I have got some customization which is fully based on Excel Integration. To do that all feasible,dotnet helped me lot.Finally I made all changes into one dll and by using TLB type conversion,i connect DEX code with dll which is created in dotnet framework 2.0Its a amazing method to convert managed code into non managed code and access with DEX code. I have got cheerful moment with seeing connection between DEX & .Net code.- Prabu


  2. Prabu,I have heard a bit about this Excel Integration from you.I would suggest you to enter this in a new post, so that everyone can have a better view to this product.I am pretty sure, this is a good tool to learn.Vaidy


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