Tables Resource Description – Issue

I was facing a weird (really weird) situation.
I had 2 Custom Tables and both these tables were LIVE on Client's Company DB. There was a feature change
and I had to ALTER the table structure. I did that and since the Dex Table Names (Technical, Display & Physical)
did not match the standards, I changed those as well. Now these two tables are looking like new tables.
I created these tables thru' SQL Maintenance and pulled in all the existing records onto these new tables thru'
a SQL INSERT...SELECT FROM query. Now, when I check these tables in Tools -> Resource Descriptions -> Tables,
it still shows the old Resource Names (Technical, Display & Physical).
I did SYNCHRONIZE from Dex, but still the same. But the most weirder thing is, it is NOT THE CASE in my
machine. It is the case with the Client's machine. What in this world would have caused this and how can
I address this?
I posted this on MS Forum, and got the below response from Robert Cavill:
If the table definitions have changed in the dexterity dictionary, you need to delete the existing
OLFD0001.IDX and OLFD0001.DAT files in the application folder.
When you access the Table Resources,
it uses these files and does not refresh them.
By deleting those files , your table resouces display
within Dynamics GP will be refreshed based on the newly installed dictionary.
And yes, it indeed did the trick and I am quite happy with the results.
One more to learn for the day: OLFD001.DAT & OLFD001.IDX will store the Resource Description details in Dynamics GP.

3 thoughts on “Tables Resource Description – Issue

  1. The files which ends with *ResExWsM.dat and *ResExWsM.idx are the ones which stores the Workset details.There are 2 more files, which I am not quite sure about. They are: *ResExWsH.dat and *ResExWsH.idxHow can I confirm whether these are the files? Simple. Add some workset details on the dictionary and close the dictionary. “Date Modified” attribute of that file would show you the last modified date and time. Well, that’s the only way to find out, to my knowledge.


  2. I ask your helping about my problem which is like disaster: I update table structure(adding field)in Dictionary and when I want to deploy this new update how I can make this update on this live table without sql instruction I mean the deployment file (chunk file)will make this update and keep original data in the table


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