Development tools for customization?

which of the following Development tools you suggest for customizing GP?

1. Dexterity
2. VBA
3. VSTD for GP


One thought on “Development tools for customization?

  1. It depends. You cannot rule out any of these tools when it comes to a Customization.Dexterity is the most powerful of all, but requires more maintenance compared to others.VBA is a light tool used just for a bit of Feature Enhancements. Like you may want to add a field which does not need any GP dependency but should be there in the GP screen. (This is just an instance).VSTD is a more feature packed tool, which MS introduced to bring in .NET into GP. MS is slightly averse of continuing with Dex, as it is outdated and does not support main OOPS concepts. But unfortunately without Dex, even VSTD will not work.Ultimately, if you want to do something more in GP, Dex should come into picture.


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