Process Server

Is Process Server a MUST while installing and configuring GP?

Can we do without Process Server? What exactly is the usage of a Process Server?



2 thoughts on “Process Server

  1. To my knowledge, when you want to divide the tasks then you can go with Process Server. Any other thoughts?I have also came across with “terminal server” Any idea about this?


  2. To some extent, YES.But, Process Server is more than that. There are Pros and Cons.PS is used if you want to increase the performance of your Dynamics GP system by delegating the GP Routines to some other server than your actual GP Server and/or SQL Server. That means, its a Server box altogether and there will be separate threads allocated.A Typical setup would be:GP and/or SQL Box <=> Process Server <=> ClientsAnd yes, as you might have assumed, this is nothing but the 3-Tier architecture of GP.Pros: Fast. Routines mean business and you will not be waiting till a batch with 10000 transactions get posted from Sales or Purchasing. Posting Interruption is very less compared to the regular structure, means, your data and business information is safe to most extent.Cons: Maintenance. Another box another headache. Your Process Server should be of high quality configuration and should have 10000 brains (Well, I was just referring to the memory) and a good amount of Buffer (Probably 16GB). And that would certainly drink your money to some extent.Process Servers are currently used only in Large Scale Business Organizations, to speed up their transactions.


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