Implementation – Contd…

Why would a Technical Consultant require to know the Client’s business instead of just install GP on the provided Server & Client boxes and leave the Product Configuration to a Functional Consultant?

It’s not just the Installation that is involved in the Implementation. And not always a Techie will be assisted by a Functional Guy. Before we install, we have to be sure that the modules which we are going to install are relevant to the Client.

For instance, Analytical Accounting is not required, if the client is going to design the Chart of Accounts, with as much segments as he/she wishes. In that case, AA will be a Curse than a Boon.

Another example: A Financial Firm do not require Project Accounting. All they need will be a Basic Business Ready GP Install, which consists of GL, AP, AR, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory, etc.

So, it is always better to know the Clients first, and then decide GP installation package.

In most of the cases, a Typical Implementation should involve One Functional Consultant and One Tech. Consultant, but most of the Implementations I had seen so far, consists either One Functional Consultant or One Techie, which is not always a successful implementation. If we are placed in such a scenario, we should be able to get over it with success.



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