2011 Top 100 Most Influential Dynamics People

Here’s the list of those who made it to Top 100.

2011 Top 100 Most Influential Dynamics People

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Join me in congratulating all those who made it and wishing all who didn’t make it sometime in future.


What is Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and how it is calculated?

The concept that I learned in past 2 days is this: Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and the way you calculate it.

Joshua Burnett has posted an article on this way back in March 2009. Read it here: The DSO Calculation (Days Sales Outstanding).

It’s quite simple and yet very deep in concept. I simply loved to read and learn. I am sure it would be useful to some people out there, trying to understand what DSO is all about.


Disenchanted with Support? – Kuntz Consulting

How many times have to faced such incidents? And how many times have you given such incidents to your customers?

This post, Disenchanted with Supprt? I understand your pain, from Kuntz Consulting blog reminds us of the badness of NOT attending to your customers or at least a courteous response.

Good one.


Microsoft Dynamics GP is very much here to Stay

Today, I had another opportunity to attend one of Microsoft’s high rated event, Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Event. I have been fortunate to attend such events off late and I sincerely hope I will be in future as well.

What’s the highlight of this event? Elcome International LLC, with whom I have been proudly associated with for the past 1.7 years, presented Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Customer Testimony. Mr.Jimmy Grewal, Executive Director, Elcome International LLC, briefed about Elcome’s GP experience and future plans.

Is that all? Nope. There is one more information that I would like to share with you all from this event. Specifically, for those who predict a doomsday for GP and it’s future, with all due respect, I would like to assure you that GP IS HERE TO STAY AND MICROSOFT IS IN NO MOOD TO DISCONTINUE WITH GP. This was mentioned by none other than Microsoft MBS Product Manager (Gulf), Mr.Ahmed Salama.

There is an interesting statistic which I would like to share and emphasis on my point: Microsoft Dynamics is having 1500 customers in GCC region excluding Egypt, North Africa and Saudi Arabia. Out of these 1500 customers, 40% is for Microsoft Dynamics GP. That calculates to 600 customers. These 600 customers include some of the high profile customers including Elcome International LLCIf we consider overall customers count across this vast globe, Microsoft has more reasons to support this product than abandoning it. 

Even us, human beings, have limited lifetime. We still enjoy our life and we live it to it’s fullest, don’t we? Like that, I love this wonderful product called Dynamics GP and I AM IN NO DARN MOOD TO LEAVE THIS PRODUCT.


Microsoft Dynamics Top Influential Person 2011 – Vote Now

This is the best time for you to stand by the person whom you think is the most influential person in Microsoft Dynamics. This year’s poll is running on. Visit this site and cast your vote now.



Top 10 Challenges on Delivering BI to the Masses at Microsoft

This was my first session today at Tech-Ed 2011 Middle East. The session titled “Delivering BI to the masses at Microsoft using Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) – Top 10 Challenges“.

The approach taken by Microsoft is fairly unusual.

Leave the BI Design to End-Users (or designated Power End Users) and simultaneously build EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse). Once the design & EDW is ready, use following tools to achieve this CBI Model:

Microsoft Office, SharePoint 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2, Silverlight Technology.

CBI basically means one Single Enterprise Report Catalog. It’s then delivered as a SharePoint based BI Portal. Microsoft IT hosts BI with Reporting Services, PPS, etc, BUT Power End Users design and publish Reports on to this Portal. There are certain restrictions in terms of how many users being allowed to publish these reports for their own Team/Department/Division.

Top 10 Questions which Microsoft asked themselves before CBI (and of course everyone of us to ask ourselves as well):

1. IT Cost too much to implement this BI Catalog. What to do first? EDW or BI Reporting Catalog?
1.1. Allow End Users to publish all their ideas on a Not-So-Clean EDW Data.
1.2. Clean EDW and keep EDW ready.

2. How do you get the First Sponsorship?
2.1. Push and Pull Approach
2.2. Create a Cool Demo

3. How do you architect with big Holistic Enterprise Vision?

4. How do we implement seamless security across layers?

5. Who should create BI and show we actually give control of the report catalog to business and enable self-serviced BI?

6. Can we implement ZERO footprint deployment for masses using SharePoint?

7. What about regional deployment and scalability?

8. What front end tools to BI publishers use and how do you integrate various tools?

9. How do you evangelize and achieve enterprise adoption?

10. How do you achieve high Customer Satisfaction?
10.1. Customer Empathy
10.2. Maintain Customer Relationship
10.3. Improve, Improve & just Improve

Until next post on Tech-Ed from me.


Mark’s Advice for Convergence Speakers

I am nowhere near being even an Amateur Speaker. Haven’t presented anything in life so far. Not going to do that in near future either.

But still this article, Advice For Convergence Speakers, from Mark made more sense to me. I am going to keep this article stored in my brain. You never know; I may also present something in future to some audience and this post is going to help me tons.

Thank you very much Mark. As usual, awesome piece of advice for us.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap

Very promising and sounds great to see Microsoft Dynamics GP’s roadmap. Check it out for yourself from Mariano’s post: The Evolution of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap


Microsoft Competing with SAP & Oracle’s Mid-Market Solutions – Guy Weismantel talks to Software Advise

UPDATE: For relevance, link attached to Software Advise website is now changed to their Manufacturing Industry Page, since ERP discussions on SA site are grouped under this page.

This video from Software Advise sounded interesting. Microsoft Director of ERP Marketing Mr.Guy Weismantel, gives us a brief idea about Microsoft’s position and why they are confident in competing with SAP and Oracle’s solutions.

Watch it here: Guy Weismantel on Microsoft’s Competency with SAP & Oracle’s Mid-Market Solutions.

It’s not just this video, Software Advice seems to be coming up with a series of such interesting information. People who are interested in knowing current happenings in ERP may want to visit this site quite often to know more.

Good job, Software Advice. Really appreciated in keeping us updated with some good information.


Back to Mainstream Blogging..

Alright, it’s been more than a month since I actually touched my blog. Quite a long time from my own standard. But there were some valid reasons behind it.

One such reason is: I am now working on Business Intelligence with SSRS. Been awesome so far and learned so much from that experience. Still going on strongly and learning more and more. Will be sharing that in coming days.

Now that I am back, I have to first fill gap of around 350+ posts that got posted from our Blogosphere. That’s quite too much for me to cover. This hits me so hard that next time I won’t ever take a sabbatical of this long.