Microsoft Competing with SAP & Oracle’s Mid-Market Solutions – Guy Weismantel talks to Software Advise

UPDATE: For relevance, link attached to Software Advise website is now changed to their Manufacturing Industry Page, since ERP discussions on SA site are grouped under this page.

This video from Software Advise sounded interesting. Microsoft Director of ERP Marketing Mr.Guy Weismantel, gives us a brief idea about Microsoft’s position and why they are confident in competing with SAP and Oracle’s solutions.

Watch it here: Guy Weismantel on Microsoft’s Competency with SAP & Oracle’s Mid-Market Solutions.

It’s not just this video, Software Advice seems to be coming up with a series of such interesting information. People who are interested in knowing current happenings in ERP may want to visit this site quite often to know more.

Good job, Software Advice. Really appreciated in keeping us updated with some good information.



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