Caps Lock Reminder – For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

I had developed a small customisation module which would alert users while logging on to Dynamics GP with CapsLock key on. You can read more about it here: GP Login Form – Caps Lock Reminder Update.

That customisation was developed using Modifier with VBA. But with Dynamics GP 2013, much emphasis has been given to the new Web Client. Which means, all our VBA code logic won’t be supported by web client.

That said, I have now converted my code from VBA to VS Tools (using C#.Net as programming language). Those who are interested can download it FOR FREE from following link:


Instructions to use:

  1. Copy this DLL file and paste it on to GP AddIns folder (can be located inside GP 2013 application folder).
  2. Ask users to log out and log on back.
  3. If you do not need this tool anymore, just remove this DLL from AddIns folder, after all users log out.
  4. This can be used safely in production environment. This tool doesn’t interfere in any of your day-to-day transactional activities. The scope of this is restricted only to GP login form.

Your feedback is always welcome.




There is an amazingly simpler yet highly informative post up on TECHNET portal, which proved very handy this morning.

My systems admin reported to me that our SharePoint server ran out of storage for some reason unknown to him, but he could identify that it was SQL Server program files folder which consumed 80% of storage.

I immediately knew what could be the reason. It’s those crazy log files problem. To truncate and clear these overeating log files, I had to use this command: DBCC SHRINKFILE.


Once I cleared out all unnecessary file space from these log files, I had to setup the File Growth and Maximum File Size (shown in the screenshot beside):

Never for a DB log file, we should setup the file growth as “In Percent”. This would prove disastrous over a period of time. Instead, always set it up to “In Megabytes” and enter a least sensible value; in my case I had set it up to 5MB.

For a DB Log file, 2GB should be reasonable amount of file space to hold the logs. To learn more about Log files, read this post on TECHNET: The Transaction Log (SQL Server).

We must understand one thing, that shrinking the DB log has got it’s own impact.


Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications – Book By Leslie Vail


UPDATE: Author of this book, Leslie Vail, has got a post on her blog (Dynamics Confessor Blogspot). Link now added here to her own post: Published at last! Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications.

I had the privilege to be a part of the technical reviewing of this amazingly informative book: Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications.

This book is penned by one of the most experienced GP personality and multiple times MVP, Leslie Vail. Packt Publishing has published this book.

I strongly recommend this book to all GP developers/consultants who would like to know how to develop anything with regards to Dynamics GP; be it a new feature addition, a feature modification or just a cosmetic enhancement.

Thanks Leslie Vail for this wonderfully written book with every single important concept being covered.


Why consultants shouldn’t post Dynamics GP batches on a client’s system?

I second Christina’s point. Never ever, you consultant, post any transaction on a client’s system. Whatever it is. Be it correction entry or a backlog entry or a real time transaction or even a test entry to demo.

I learned that lesson very long back, around 5 years back, when I was in my infancy on consultancy. Like Christina, my lesson was also very bitter. And then, I never did that ever in my life.



Dynamics GP Short Story “The Stakeouts” by Mark Polino

The Stakeouts, is a plain and simple; short and sweet; interesting and intriguing (may I say that?) story written by our private eye, errr, Polino.

Mark, I did read your post “You are a writer…“. But I never thought there would be a story soon. That was quick & great. 🙂

Would love to read a long one from you; well on any topic.

Why not? And when?


Extender Fields & Report Writer – Weekly Dynamic from Mark

Those who want to know how to add/use Extender Fields on a Report Writer report, Mark’s Weekly Dynamic post, Extender and Report Writer walks us thru’ simple steps with a real time scenario.

There are also links to relevant KB articles which will form the base for your task.


The Basics of Good Passwords

Njevity Blog has got a nice post, which is nothing to do with ERP alone. Yes, if you noted it, I have underlined the word ALONE.

For almost everything in our system or online, we need to have a password. And certainly your name, short name, spouse name, etc. cannot be a good password (oh I mean it seriously, even if it’s your spouse name).

So this post helps you in deciding how your password can be; NOT what your password should be.

The Basics of Good Passwords, written by Tudor Coleman, is certainly a good and informative read.